(Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Serum from Balance Active Formula)

Am baccckkkkkk!! (hahah😂). It's been a long time since I actually picked up my laptop to blog on here. I have missed the sensation of wiring my thoughts on here and posting boom-ass pictures that y'all love. With the pandemic still going on I have been doing my best to remain sane in this streets but sometimes its a struggle you know. I know am not the only one having weird emotions each week but I try to remain positive, work out and focus on building myself to the max. I hope you've all be well and still killing it in whatever you've set your mind to.

So not much has changed in my skin-care routine after soo many years, but I have learnt soo..much about my skin combination and how to make products work for me. Personally since am getting older (scary to say lol) I know that hydration is very important for my face as well as a little anti-aging in my products. I have to maintain this young face you know 😅 . I am very much into serums and toners now especially Vitamin-C and Hyaluronic which gives deep moisture to my face. The glow especially with the cold weather has to be maintained because my skin will be dry if I don't take care of it. Don't forget SPF..... I still use sunscreen after every skincare routine. Another thing I have learnt is a good face scrub is very very important but getting one that is reasonably priced is WORK!. I did a good amount of research and I settled for Procoal Activated charcoal face scrub. It has worked magic for me and my skin feels sooo lush after every scrub. Just do your research before purchasing skincare products because the options are endless. Don't forget to drink your water and mind you're business!.

All the details of the products are below each picture.

                                                                 Face scrub from Procoal London

Face Wash from Simple

Mask from Garnier

Toner from Simple

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