I can't believe that I haven't talked to y'all since my last post which was at the end of 2019. That being embarrassing enough, a lot of things have happened in the world and in my life that has kept me away from updating the blog. First thing first, I hope that you are all doing well in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that still continues to evade our lives and livelihoods. All we can do is hope that this will end soon but until then keep staying safe, wearing your mask and social distancing to avoid contacting the virus.

I've been MIA because I had a very stressful few months in the beginning of this year. I am not sure if I ever mentioned it but I just finished my university course and am happy to say that I did pass really well. That kept me very busy making me not have much time to upload pictures and posts on here. Lockdown happened here in Wales meaning all I could do was concentrate on my Uni work and my sanity. Black Lives Matter happened as well and that really too a toll on my soul. Being a black man in this world really brings loads of disadvantages to us. We are judged by the colour of our skin and that is absolutely vile. I did my part and I still am. Racism needs to end and we black people need equal treatments as our counterparts. If you want to read more on it or sign petitions please check out the movement here . The movement restrictions were very limited as well making me stay only around the town I was living at. Fast forward to July, I finally moved to a new home which I really love. It was a task getting somewhere to move but am glad things worked out in the end. The constant chats with my siblings helped me a lot and working out. 

When things finally opened up I was able to enjoy bits that I wasn't able to earlier. even though things aren't the same anymore, I am trying to make sure that I milk every bit of summer as I can. So far being to the beach has been my favorite part of adventures that I have partaken. I have visited Rhossilli Bay Gower which was absolutely amazing. It is quite a walking distance to the beach but once you get there it is totally worth it. I had a swim as well which was lush on a hot day. The second beach was Three Cliffs Bay which I loved as well. The waves weren't too big and I had a better swim than the Rhossilli Bay. Its stunning as well. You have to walk quite a distance to get to it, so walking shoes are recommended if you ever want to visit these beaches. I have caught up with my loved ones which has been amazing as well. In all honesty lockdown has been hard and it still is. Doing the things I love has really helped me.

That's a summary of how my summer is going and where I have been. Enjoy the series of pictures I have uploaded below. Keep your head up high and I can't wait to read all your comments. See you guyz in my next post 😃.

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