Hi ya'll?... I know I have been a little MIA here on the blog plus over on the podcast but do not worry guys I am back now. I was dealing with different projects which am keeping my fingers crossed they will go as planned.
My love for patterns and prints is immensely high. The only problem which I have to make sure  I don't get to encounter at any other time is looking like a clown. When you wear too much of prints or patterns in the same outfit look things can go south really fast. If I must do so I make sure that I properly coordinate them well. But I am very curious with my looks and I think this is brought by me working in the creative world in a long time. Keeping it fresh, creative and interesting is always a good thing.
For this look I wore tailored pin-striped trousers which I matched with a lumberjack shirt, and dark brown oxford shoes. Research first on the prints or patterns that you love then know how you can introduce them in your outfits.
Have a lovely week guys :-).

                                                                                                   Location - The Concord Hotel & Suites

Trousers - Tailor Made / Shirt - Coors  / Shoes - Jumia Kenya

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  1. I had missed your posts..hahah.. Am happy your happy to posting again :)

  2. I love how you mix your prints. It all seems soo effortless. I will give this a try

  3. Kindly do a post of how to mix different prints with basic neutral pieces. I want to learn from you

  4. Your posts are amazing man!! Keep it up

  5. We love your work!! Truly one of the best menswear blogs in Africa

  6. WoW super dope outfit bro! Respect!
    I always love to visit your blog, I hope you would keep up the great work for us!
    Just so you know, I am totally gonna copy this outfit from you haha
    check this on my site, Thanks.