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One thing that excites me about sunny days is the fact that I can simply wear light clothes and just go on with my business with no fear of the rains pouring on my parade. Having those amazing cocktails on rooftop bars and catching up with friends at spacious outdoor patios like the one at The Concord Hotel becomes something to look forward to each time. Although sweating is the only complaint I (plus many others) have, I have to make sure that I apply a reasonable amount of deodorant and pray that the sweat glads will not strick back at
I have always been an individual who changes style looks every moment. I can say I am limitless to my style and wardrobe. Its something that I have come to embrace and love over the past years. When its warm outside I tend to go for comfortable pieces that will make me cool through out the day plus nights if need be.
For this look I wore a patterned light shirt which I matched with grey skinny trousers, long neck piece pendant and grey rubber sole shoes. How do you dress for those long sunny days?

                                                                                    Location - THE CONCORD HOTEL & SUITES

Shirt - River Island / Trousers - Cheap Monday / Neck piece - Local Nairobi Artisans / Watch - Daniel Wellington

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  1. You look amazing Olav. That shirt is cool!!

  2. I like dressing light too for sunny weathers. I hope Nairobi's weather wasn't changing every 10seconds... hahah. I like this look

  3. Every time your just slayying. I want to be like you in future

  4. Daayyyuummm, you look soo handsome. That look is very nice too :-)

  5. Am here like can I borrow your outfit hahah

  6. The Concord Hotel looks soo nice. I guess I will be giving them a visit very soon :)