Am I the only one who is wondering if the Earth moved inches closer to the sun? The sun has been on level ten this few weeks and keeping a clean non-sweaty day has been soo difficult. I am constantly fanning myself or putting my head close to the air-con to cool myself. As you can see from some of my pictures here, getting outside shots has been craycray (I apologize for the shadow situation in some of the pics). Well I guess we are all forced to wear more summer looks now!!
Back to this weeks post, I collaborated with the lovely Vonette to give you insights of how to bring those sharp looks into life during hot sunny days. For this look I wore a striped printed waist coat which I matched with slim grey fitting denim trousers, white silk shirt, jungle green tear drop printed tie, pocket square, navy blue polka dot socks and dark blown formal shoes. I wanted to bring out a sharp look which you can be able to wear even when the weather is sunny as hell.
For Vonette's look details you can check out her blog here The Vonette Way

Thank you for checking in and have yourself a lovely Easter break!! See you on the next post :) .

Waist Coat - Tailor made / Trousers - Marks and Spencer / Shirt - Emos Clothing / Tie - Marks and Spencer / Shoes - Jumia Kenya

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  1. Augustine Mwangi24 March 2016 at 08:18

    Sharp look sir. Always on FIRE!!

  2. Happy Easter to you Olav and great new post!!

  3. This is the other part of the suit you posted a while ago right? Well I love how you have broken the look to work for every situation. I always look forward to your posts!!

  4. Both of you look amazing!! I will check out Vonette's blog too

  5. You two look so good..You killed it on this one