Each year when November is wrapping up I always find myself making a list of things that I am grateful for. Growing up in a house full of siblings and love from my parents, I would always find myself being thankful for having people who could listen to me and embrace me in every situation I was faced with. While I am still thankful for that (and being alive), I am thankful for every opportunity that I have been able to get and the amazing people that have elevated me to being the human being that I am today. It doesn't seem like much but every support and recognition I get fills my heart with joy and gratitude.  Even if we haven't met in real life but you have supported me all I can say is thank you and with that I send you big internet hugs right now. Of course I wouldn't by here today if it wasn't for the man above. His love and blessings mean a lot to me each day and with that I am ever grateful.
In this post I went for a more neutral look. Being a fan of neutral looks this season I wore a white printed long sleeved shirt from Old Navy which I matched with dark beige slim fit chino pants, black leather belt and blue loafer shoes.

P.S Kindly take time to vote for me under the category East African Journalist Of The Year in this years Swahili Fashion Week Awards 2015
To vote text the code SFW EJ 04 to 15670 OR
Vote via email by putting the code SFW EJ 04 in the subject and send to vote@swahilifashionweek.com OR
Click on www.swahilifashionweek.com to vote online
Your votes are highly appreciated. Vote as many times as you can :).

Shirt - Old Navy / Trousers - Jumia Kenya / Shoes - Jumia Kenya

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  1. Nice to have you back. You have my votes Olav.

  2. I love the combination. Looking great - Jimmy

  3. I will vote for you Olav. I hope this time you will. - Grace

    1. Thank you for the support Grace. I didn't win but I appreciate it that I was nominated for the second time.

  4. Prints and neutrals work always for you. Is there anything that looks bad on you?..lol

  5. I love the new blog look and the style :)