Its not normal to find me posing by the road side in broad day light and if you spot me then luck is on your side my friend. If I have to shoot beside the busy sidewalks their must be something special about that place that is making me withstand the constant car stares and the normal side looks from passing individuals. I am a little shy I won't deny that but I will do anything to get amazing shots for sure (I know I am not the only one who will agree to that).
With the beautiful wall of leaves and amazing trees surrounding the place, I thought that was a brilliant place to shoot this look since it contains a lot of individualism in it. I love silk shirts. The feeling on the body is amazing and one just looks extremely dapper when your wearing one. I don't own many silk shirts so when I spotted this printed silk shirt from Trends Limited(0724122743) I just fell in love once again. I loved how it fitted me and how chic it looked.
I matched the printed silk shirt with a navy blue fitting trouser, casual boat shoes from Jumia Kenya , round framed sunglasses from Kenya Vintage store and navy blue belt from Marks and Spencer .
If your up to trying new styles in your life then I would recommend silk shirts as one of them. One can easily transition this look for a night out or even holiday parties.

Shirt - Trends Limited(0724122743) / Trousers - Tailor made / Shoes - Jumia Kenya / Belt - Marks and Spencer / Sunglasses - Kenya Vintage Store

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  1. I absolutely love the silk style. It reminds me of Michael Jackson..lol - Liz

  2. Great pictures Olav and as usual. I love your style - Gilbert

  3. Interesting combination Olav. You can literally wear anything and make it cool. I like it

  4. I like your style. You look amazing

  5. I like how you combine your looks. Its always interesting to look at.

  6. Silks are amazing. I like how you have brought it out!!