The sun is always amazing but sooner or later I start missing the cold weather where by I get to wear my jackets and trench's. Don't get me wrong a little rain isn't bad since it clears up the pathways from dust and you get cool air but so much rain on the other hand scares the s**t out of me. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up at home during the cold season and watch Empire or Scandal... I know I would love that.
Due to the mix weather we are having (one time its raining plus cold and the other moment is sunny) I try to wear semi warm clothes that can easily be transitioned when the weather gets warm. No one would like to get caught in a warm trench coat when the weather suddenly turns warm and sunny. Thankfully, I hit the jackpot on a cozy quilted deep navy blue boomer jacket from Mr Price which I matched with my solid staples pieces which are blue denim skinny trousers from Levi's , maroon Converse shoes and a polka dot shirt to finish of the look.
I personally love how the jacket transforms the outfit to a modern stylish look. Having solid staple pieces in one's closet is very important as one can be able to look dapper without much effort.

Boomer Jacket - Mr. Price / Denim Trousers - Levi's / Shirt - Thrifted / Shoes - Converse

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  1. I love the jacket and the polka dot shirt. Nice blend

    1. The boomer jacket is from Mr.Price. Get yourself one. I hope it came in jungle green too. I would have gotten that too :)

  2. You can clearly blend pieces well. Great converse. I will look for the same colour :)

  3. I do pick up a lot of style tips from you Olav. I always cant wait to see what you will wear and write next!! hahah :)

  4. Amazing as always. - Mathew Mwangi

  5. Great combination :). Semi-warm style is definitely great!! FS