I know we are in February just in the beginning period of the year and experiencing hot weather like never before but sooner or later May will hit us and the cold weather will creep in like darkness does. This is to mean that we shouldn't forget to keep stock of our warm wear pieces and what better way to do that than to invest in a nice woolen overcoat.
The overcoat is a long-sleeved coat that can be either single- or double-breasted, and usually has a single vent at the back. If we’re being strict with semantics, the overcoat always extends below the knee, but you’ll find that modern day styles rarely do, given the impracticality of long outerwear. Am sure if you Google street-style for the current fashion weeks that just concluded you will notice that majority of men are embracing the overcoat culture and what better time for you to also embrace it. I was lucky enough to get a black woolen overcoat in my thrift journeys and it was a good investment. I always buy my coats in black colour first because they are easy to style with anything before I get any other colour. I matched my black overcoat with a coral pink shirt from Ezze wear, white slim fit chino pants, Converse shoes and framed wayfarers.
Just remember this look is versatile and an easy way to take any look up a notch, the overcoat is a fundamental part of any well turned-out man’s wardrobe.
P.S I am participating in the Hello Food  an online food delivery service in Nairobi blogger contest which is in partnership with my good friends blog The Kenyan Fashionado by Lucia Musau. Take a look and get involved with them :)

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