Since it is the holidays and most of the people including I are traveling and am sure you all have those essential items or products that you can't travel without. Lets speak the truth, most gentlemen are product lovers and Its no shame admitting that. I being a guy their are certain products I love to have with me each time whether am traveling or not traveling. So lets jump into my travel essential products :) ;
1: Vaseline Blue Seal- I love Vaseline with me each time. Its helps keep dryness away and those ashy moments when your fingers are dry, the feet are dry after hitting the shower or even for the lips (No one wants to have cracked looking lips). So its really is an important product to me and Its easily gotten around.
2: Nivea Cocoa Butter Lotion: I recently started using the new Nivea Cocoa Butter lotion and I must say I love it. It smells great on the skin and it lasts longer than other ones. I don't know where it has been all my But am happy its here now. If you haven't tried it then why not go and test it. You won't be disappointed at all.
3: Aloe Vera gel- I have been using the aloe vera gel on my face for ages now and Its really good. My face tends to break out with the change of weather or the food I eat at times and this product really helps with the breaking out. If  your face is sensitive like mine then I would recommend that you use aloe vera gel. Its a little expensive but it lasts longer since your using a little on your face each day.
4: Eden Face and Body scrub- I use this product to exfoliate my face and It has worked for me since I started using it this year. I changed products since the last one was working for a few months then it suddenly stopped. Eden face and body scrub has worked magic for a year now and it smells really good after I wash my face. It really helps with exfoliating the face and it leaves my face feeling brilliant.
5: Himalaya Peel Off Mask- Once in a while it good to peel of the dead cells of your face to have a fresh layer the next day. I use Himalaya peel off mask exactly for that. It really works magic and If your one of those guyz who love having a glow after then this is a product for you. I use it twice every one week and I never regret it. It has helped my face in a great way.
6: Adidas Deo Body Spray- Feeling good is by smelling fresh and what better way than to use Adidas body spray. I love this body spray as it last really longer on the body. It keeps you from sweating and smelling like a hot mess. I am yet to try the other variety's that they have but so far am happy with this.
7: AXE body wash- I have tried a lot of body washes but this I must say it great. It have a fresh scent onto it and the scent lasts longer on the body. They have a wide variety to chose from but my most favorite is the Rise up.
8: Fa Men Perfect Wave deodorant- I discovered the Fa deodorant last longer on the armpits and it smells great even later. I used to use Nivea for men deodorant products but I switched to this. It doesn't stain my shirts and It drys up quickly and last longer. I would recommend it to anyone who is yet to find a good fit.
9: Nivea Lip balm- I think Nivea have very nice lip care products and I would use them anytime. They don't leave white marks on your lip and they are smooth on the lip when applying plus they care for both men and women. I definitely love their lip products.
There are my travel essential products that I love to have each time. Remember wayfarers and hats are always great to have too. They add style to the outfits when matched right. Till the next post AU REVOIR

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