Kooroo's got a brand new revamped shop at CREA House, Lower Kabete, Nairobi! It's a cute and quaint little setup set in the heart of Lower Kabete offering one of the best shopping experiences in Nairobi.  With brands such as Buqisi-Ruux offering the best in African print shoes and Le Collane Di Betta's jewelry also available at CREA House, you're spoilt for choice.  With all these brands and Roots Contemporary Art Gallery all gearing up for a grand opening, Ms Fawwie (renowned make-up artist and stylist) will be unveiling her professional make up and styling studio this November! Kooroo's charming customer service and CREA House's beautiful setting is definitely worth a visit.

On May 31st, Kooroo unveiled their beautifully designed MOTA (Metamorphosis of the Arthropod) Collection at FAFA 2014. The Spring/ summer 2014 collection explores the intrinsic beauty of the smallest creatures of our planet.
Silhouettes are inspired by the geometrical structures of beetles as well as fluid structures that flow with the movement of the body as the wings of a butterfly. 
The collection in black and cream with accents of turquoise uses optical contrasts to magnify the microscopic details found in these tiniest of creatures.  Black satin with appliqués motifs are seen on jackets and capes paired with skinny trousers with piping detail suggesting the spindly legs of these insects.  Silk chiffon with appliqués patterns is used to resemble the delicate and transparent wings of butterflies and dragonflies. The overall message of the collection is one of strength and fragility

This Collection is Now Available at Kooroo

Photo courtesy of Abraham Ali Photography.

About three weeks ago, Kooroo re-invented this Spring/Summer collection at the Diplomatic Spouses's Association Fashion Show at the French Ambassador's Residence. The colours are bright and the contrast is exciting!  This is now also available at the new Kooroo store.

Photos courtesy of Stephane Perrier.

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