If you have been following my posts here you will notice I love different stuff including clothes or prints and by that I try to make them wearable in any normal situation. I know fall is now hitting the European countries and what great way to have this post (at least I get to catch some of there attention..lol). I always say you may never know where you will get a masterpiece and by that I mean I was walking through the streets of Nairobi and there it was, the fall printed shirt. If you could have seen my face you would have seen the happiness on it. The colours on it are just perfect plus it goes well with the basic type of trousers in my closet which is the black slim trouser and that's how I wore it. To add more style onto the look I wore the Panama hat, black velvet shoes and wayfarers. How would you wear your bold prints? Get to me on the comments below, I would love to hear your views :).
For those asking on how to reach me via my post office address kindly send me an email and I will personally send you my postal address and that goes for those interested in collaborating with me.
Happy weekend!!

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