I was happy to enjoy a few moments of the sun before the clouds took charge and the chilly wind started to blow by. But enough of the weather ranting for a moment.
I have been wearing a lot of florals in the past one month, I think I am loving the vibe that it gives me as a gentleman and its style when I pair it with neutral colours. Plus its out of my comfort zone which is good to be in once in a while. This particular floral shirt has a more softer tone and I love that about it. The blue pants were the best option for the look I was going for. Of course you can wear white, grey and black pants if you wish but there is something about deep blue coloured pants trust me they go with most clothes in my closet. For my footwear I opted for black loafers. I wore two accessories on my hand, one was metallic gold and the green one was by The Ndau Collection .
August is knocking on us and soon the sun will be out more. So if you want to add more style to your looks gentlemen, floral prints are your friend.

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  1. Love the look..Checking out Ndau collection...

  2. @Wangu Thank you. Kindly check them out. They are a great brand.