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Saturday was a whole day full of models and designers at the Thomson Ncube photo studio where photos where being taken for the upcoming exquisite fashion show FAFA 2014 . I was able to talk a number of designers plus the C.E.O Silvia Tonui and Ann McCreath.
The show which is supposed to take place at The Oval (Westlands) on the 31st May 2014 has been highly awaited by a great number, and finally people will be able to experience it. I was able to talk to Ann McCreath who told me that this time around FAFA is showing the best of Kenyan architecture hence the location chosen. They want to show the urban side of Kenya to the world which is full of beautiful buildings. FAFA always pushes for positivity. Putting African and Kenyan issues out there and promoting unity plus diversity which is always among their agendas. This years FAFA is dedicated to South Sudan whereby we are all sadden by the attacks which have been going on there leading to a lot of civilians killed. FAFA will be working with South Sudan designers this time around plus South Sudan models who will also be prominent in the show.
Silvia Tonui who is the new C.E.O of FAFA is happy to have joined the organization and she said she has very big shoes to fill as she wants to make FAFA a sustainable business. She moved back into Kenya from South Africa in 2012 where she was working at Elle Magazine as a consumer marketer then later on went to trade marketing. She wants to take FAFA a notch higher this year by involving it in a number of projects one of them being promoting the launch of luxury brands here in Kenya ,concentration on the Business of Fashion which is a workshop and also taking Kenyan Brands International. They will also be doing a Pop-up shop very soon in London so look out for that. FAFA will be doing a vast number of activities this year according to Silvia Tonui and you definitely have to look out for that.
Waithira Kibuchi.
Waithira piece being modeled by Mary Ester Were from Strut It Afrika.
Waithira studied Fashion and Textile Design at the University of Nairobi, School of Arts and Design. She won the FAFA 2013 Emerging Designers Competition and will be showcasing at the event this year. Her new collection which she will be showcasing will involve a lot of down colours, feminine shapes and sophisticated capsule wardrobe. She told me she is working on building a sustainable business in the fashion industry while including online store. Her website is still in the making and people will be able to access it very soon. In future you can expect a menswear collection from her.
Muna Yemane.
Muna Yemane's design being modeled by Ester Odindi from City Models
Muna Yemane studied Fashion in Australia and she recently moved back to Kenya. Her new collection which she will be showcasing is called "White Masaai". It will involve african fabrics and white contemporary colours. The inspiration for the collection comes from her love for colours and geometry shapes as she is more into structural shapes. She expects to get much more exposure and getting to know the Kenyan Fashion market well.
Ani Shah.

Ani Shah together with model Ester Odindi from City Models.
Ani Shah was the 2nd runners up at the FAFA 2013 Emerging Designers Competition. She is involved in private commission pieces where by she plays with different materials to make her jewellery pieces to stand out. She was able to hint to me that the next Sauti Sol video shoot will have her jewellery line pieces used. Her website is still under-construction but very soon you will be able to access it.
Shenu Hooda.
Shenu Hooda collection being modeled by Mary Ester Were from Strut It Afrika.
This years FAFA will be her fourth time showcasing. Her collection which she will be showcasing will be called Äfrican Fusion" which will involve colour, bead-work with "African" fusion. She always has seasonal collections which involve both heavy and light materials. She uses mostly cotton, thread work and chiffons' on her garments.
Iona McCreath
Kikoti Collection being modeled by Mary Ester Were from Strut It Afrika.
"Kikoti" which is the name of the fashion brand is a fresh young brand which is both funky and colurful. Created by Iona who is Ann McCreath's daughter, the label is meant to create seasonal collections which will be more affordable to the young generation making them not rely on "mitumbas" to get trendy clothes. Her passion comes from wildlife whereby part of the proceeds gotten from the sales go to the organization Hands Off Our Elephants which is an initiative to stop the poaching of Elephants. The collection involves african prints which are created and designed in a modern way and style plus also cool detachable collar pieces.
Nick Ondu.
Nick Ondu's design being modeled by Alvin from City Models
Model Alvin from City Models.
Being his second time to showcase at FAFA, Nick has re-branded his label to "Sartorial By Nick Ondu". We have seen a lot of his pieces being worn by the Kenyan music group Sauti Sol meaning he targets fashion forwardness. The new collection will involve earth colours, neutrals, black and whites and maroons. He wants to be known as the go to guy when it comes to Menswear and he wants to stamp the authoritative style when it comes to men. This will his very first full Menswear collection on the runway. Keep a look out for that.
Wambui Kibue.
Wambui Kibue's design being modeled by Ester Odindi from City Models.
Wambui isn't a new name in the fashion industry as she is known for her brilliant fashion designs. She wants to showcase at FAFA2014 because it is a bigger platform for her and her brand. She is involved in female collections giving them stylish clothes to dress up into. Expect a lot from her at FAFA 2014.

Tickets for FAFA 2014 go for;
PRICES: 8,000/- Gold ( 7,500/- in advance )
               6,000/- Silver ( 5,500/- in advance ) 
Venue: The Oval - Westlands
Day: Saturday 31st May 2014.
Facebook Page:
You can also Call 1511 for tickets & pay within 6 hours via M-Pesa .


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