We have all danced and enjoyed the rhythmic sounds of Sauti Sol's music. Being the best boy band in Kenya, are definitely in love with their choice of style in fashion. Here at The Lifestyle Spread we caught up with Willis Chimano, a member of Sauti Sol, to know more about what inspires his fashion tastes and of course a bit about music. 

1: What are your full names?
Willis Austin Chimano

 2: What is your ethnicity?
Kenyan of Luhya origin :-)

 3: When did you first venture into Music and Fashion?
Hmmm, I really cant recall i guess stuff just fell in place and of course when i started travelling thats when i realised how important fashion/style was important to my image as an artist and therefore needed to have an identity. As for music ive been with the band now 7years but if you count high school in which we were together thats 10years.

 4: What's your favorite thing about being a Musician? 
Getting to do what i love and making a living off it and of course the travel, your mind opens up a lot.

5: What do you regard as the most important asset in your work?
My voice, without it there would be no work or some boring behind the desk job.

 6: What is your bitter sweet moment?
Hmmm the equal measure of lovers and haters. I've grown to appreciate that not everyone will like you or you cant please everyone. in fact im much stronger from negative criticism and it's made me grow a thick skin. :-)

7: What can't you live without and why?
Quite frankly, nothing. not really attached to objects/ gadgets they can always be replaced. To be honest though cant imagine my family not being there or good friends they always keep you balanced.

 8: What Inspired you to start indulging into style and fashion?
When i was young i loved playing dress up, wont get into details, there was a point though id lost all interest and just dint care. As i grew and could afford the GQ's of this world and of course travel my interest became greater and here we are now :-))

9: In regards to your work what do you specifically work on to give it 100%?
Just give it 100% in every aspect, be it practice, business, performance.

 10: If you were to choose another career what would it be? and why? 
I cant think of any other career to choose haha. It's just not coming to me.

11: Whats your take on Kenyan fashion and style?
It has grown loads and im loving the potential that i see and i love it that men are putting in the effort to look good there's a big difference from like 10 years ago.

 12: What is your all time routine to looking stylish and well groomed?
Haha, i dont really have a routine passe, i just make sure i cleanse haha and pick out my clothes the night before, it's such pressure picking something in the morning especially if you have to leave early for an 'important day'

 13: What should we expect from Willis Chimano in the future? 
That's all in my head you'll have to wait and see but i'll promise you one thing, you'll see a lot of me, not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing but im leaning on the good. :-)

14: I see you love shoes a lot...Tell us more about your shoe fetish and what kind of stylish shoes you love. 
Shoes make or break the outfit, for some reason i just love shoes and i like seeing that i have a variety or shoes to choose from this also answers the question on the type of stylish shoes, the more different styles i have the better. I have loads of shoes from converse to creepers to timberlands to brogues etc...haha

15: What current fashion trends are you rocking at the moment?
Hmmm, I just opened a lookbook account haha so i guess this is where i promote it and ask for a visit it. The numbers are needed :-))

 16: What do you think every stylish man should have in there closets?
Decent pairs of shoes.

 17: What is the most important items that you always carry out when coming out of the house?
Lip balm, mints and deo ( you never know when the sweat god will strike)

 18: How can people reach you through the social media?
FB: Willis Austin Chimano, though im over my friend limit so had to open a page still, Willis Austin Chimano.
IG: @chimano
Twitter: @iamchimano

 19: If you had one super power what would it be and why
Read peoples minds, you just get to know the real person. :-))

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