SVENSCHUSTER EVERGREEN B.A. Graduate collection “We Are Africa” SS14


The B.A. Graduate collection “We Are Africa“, consisting of twelve menswear outfits, depicts a view on the modern and innovative African subcultures and societies from the Subsahara. The starting point for this collection was a lot of excitement surrounding the potential of taking inspiration from a continent as vast and diverse as Africa. Unfortunately, the sad truth that the “developed world” has in mind about Africa is part of an awful reality: AIDS, civil wars, corruption, poaching, refugees or economic crisis but also a lot of stereotypes. Instead, this collection should open up a positive dialogue about Africa to vanguard opinions, theories, artworks, cultural activities and music from a handful of the 54 contries which compose this amazing continent. Inspired by a fascinating juxtaposition of South African subcultures, artists and craftsmen like Chéri Samba, Romuald Hazoumè or Tété Azankpo, music by Die Antwoord, Buraka Som Sistema and L.V., the exceptional African solidarity, subsaharian nature and school as well as sports uniforms, these collections put emphasis on the modern, innovative, creative, for the most maybe unknown, Africa. After a research trip to Southern Africa, this excitement and anticipation stems from the idea that Africa has the possibility of presenting the world with the opportunity to progress in a way that we might not be privy to in the west. Traditional tailoring mixed up with cool sports- and streetwear aesthetics crafted from high-quality and luxurious fabrics reflect in somehow the unique sense of African beauty and pride. It is about shaking off the history, moving constantly forward, removing all stereotypes, changing circumstances, developing new concepts and improving the passion for progress, unity and exceptionalism. It is about the fact that in somehow “We Are Africa”, too – so, serve, strive and never yield.
_mg_0052b _mg_0145b _mg_0169b _mg_0176b _mg_0191b _mg_0256b _mg_0295 _mg_0360 _mg_0393 _mg_0445 _mg_0459 _mg_0496 _mg_0531b _mg_0603b _mg_0649b _mg_9899b _mg_9977b   All pictures by SG Koezle Models: Ismail, Jean-Claude and Nils

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