FSNKLVR Engineered Footwear


Florence trained shoemaker Funfere Koroye is the creative behind the label Fusion Kelvar. The Nigerian designer incorporated Italian shoe making processes with African wax print, carefully engineering to insoles to adapt to the feet when walking on a concrete platform or on sand. 

"I have been told by many that using wax print is cliche. Yet they fail to understand why this fabric is still so popular. It is perfectly engineered for our weather type. In addition to this breathable fabric, i have explored the option of cork and foam in the sole. allowing the show to switch seamlessly between hard concrete and soft sand.

Not only have we created Africa's first running shoe, this product as inadvertently launched a start up product engineering and innovation design firm which will be launching next year, along side this FusionKelvar shoe. Our main objective is to consult with companies coming into the fastest growing 3rd world economy, on how to get African customers with thoughtful ideas that have a purpose. So footwear is just one of many aspects we plan to conquer."

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  1. i would like to buy this shoese !!!!!

    1. Hi, for details on how to purchase the shoes, please visit http://shop.fusionkelvar.com/