Get the Look: Dressing for Success in the Corporate/Tech World


Neda Azafar

The woman: Neda Azafar, 32.

The job: Senior director of communications at Myspace, which is debuting next month with a new co-owner (Justin Timberlake), URL (, and music focus.
Company stats: Founded in 2003 with headquarters in Beverly Hills, has 40 million users and 150 employees.

The look: Silk jacquard sweater, Louis Vuitton pants, Calfskin iPad case, Leather & suede pumps.

Neda Azafar says "We've built a complete new site from the ground up. Myspace started as a social network, pure and simple. Our new vision is homing in on music, because that community still has a need - they've got to reach an audience."

The look: Jacquard blouse, Leather skirt, Calfskin pumps.

Neda Azafar - "Myspace is a creative company. The creative team live in a uniform of black jeans and hoodies. I'm in communications, so I'm always on the go - if I dressed super casual it wouldn't work. I really have to exude that I'm on top of it. In my personal life I love flats and bohemian pieces, but at work my clothes are more tailored and structured - it makes you look more organized. And since I'm only 5 feet tall, I'm always in heels. I can't always look like I'm some corporate suit who can't feel my soul, so I'll do bright colours or patterns or jewelry that shows my personality." 

The look: Crepe blouse, Wool pants, Woven leather pumps.

Neda Azafar - "Last year I couldn't get enough stripes, but this year I'm attracted to blouses with abstract prints." 

The look: Silk top.

Neda Azafar - "When I wear pants, I always tuck in my shirt to help keep my look tailored instead of loosey-goosey." 

The look: Grain de poudre pants, Rose or yellow gold bangles. 

Neda Azafar - "My wardrobe has to be versatile - I'll wear a blazer when I'm meeting with my colleagues but I'll slip it off when it's time to hang with artists."

The look: Stretch linen blazer, Embellished cotton sweater, Silk blouse. 

Neda Azafar - "I work mostly with men, but I make room for femininity in my wardrobe with fitted pieces. I just own it."

The look: Stretch skirt, Snakeskin pumps.

Interview courtesy of Elle Magazine.

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