The very first luxurious photo studio in Kenya is been launched in Nairobi details are still withheld but according to sources inside they promise it to be one of the best photo studio in Kenya been headed by the talented Mellisa De Blok who is renowned world wide by her prowess in photography and captures the natural essence in her subjects, and elevate these images through editing - without losing their original aesthetic. Melissa De Blok is currently based in Africa but travels around the world she frequently tours Amsterdam, New York, London and Cape Town.
Melissa de Blok loves perfume, music, photography, people, animals, food, films, books, and everything else that quenches the thirst of her senses. A firm believer in following her dreams, she is working hard towards her goal of making a living with only creative activities. Pronounced a "gifted" child after starting to read at age 3, she enjoys taking on many projects in various fields, and is notorious for wanting to learn, well, everything.
Her aim in life, and the main motivation behind everything she does, is to inspire the masses. One day she will.

 Legionare International is currently marketing Melissa De Blok and the photo studio which will be launched in Kenya. Legionare International are based in Toronto catering for the busy lifestyle of their clientele base who aim to show case the latest in movies, fashion, beauty and lifestyle all in one package. Keep it here for more information on the photo studio and the exclusive launch.

                               THESE ARE SOME OF MELISSA DE BLOK'S WORKS

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