Africa Is The Future!


Africa is the market of the future and offers enormous development potential in different sectors, depending on their various resources. The continent is facing obvious challenges but, also present, is an economic dynamism that should be welcomed and encouraged. Africa, like all developing countries, has been hit by the economic crisis without contributing to it. Let’s not forget that the continent has rebounded faster to record growth rates that many Europeans countries would envy. Africa has attracted widespread media attention and triggered a revolution of artistic creation all around the world.
Back in September 2001, photographer Nicolas Premier was visiting Brazzaville, Congo for the first time and arrived amidst the concrete reality of post-civil war which caused 300 000 deaths. This war had gone largely unreported in the international media while the attacks of September 11 had been widely discussed all around the world. He was shocked by the lack of exposure and decided to use his art as a way of communication, ”My background is more artistic, like photography, painting … My work in fashion is more a pretext and a way to highlight a new way of conceiving the world for a wider audience than the art.”
Africa is the future Shaloin Tecnics by RZA Prêt-à-Poundo
*Shaolin Movements by RZA
This is how Africa Is The Future was born. In 2004, Nicolas Premier and Patrick Ayamam started  a collaboration and took Paris by storm with their tee-shirts sporting “AFRICA IS THE FUTURE”. Since then it’s been a creative work in constant progress and now, AITF is launching a new website featuring a magazine, store and tee-shirt line including a new capsule called Mirrors. This 10 tee-shirt limited collection featured the “Africa Is The Future” slogan alongside Addis Abeba Panthers or Brazza Ville Boxing Club. There’s an appeal here for us to think about the future and how we want it to be represented. The beginnings of AITF Apparel is to develop a medium of communication. The tees are produced with 100% certified biologic cotton and are approved by the Fair Wear Foundation. Below, we spoke with Nicolas.
Africa is the future magazine cover Prêt-à-Poundo
*AITF Magazine Cover

Africa is the future BriceAfrica is the future Dal Green
*Musician Kirikoo Des                                                     
*Musician Walter Dal Gren Mecca

Africa is the future Prêt-à-PoundoAfrica is the future Prêt-à-Poundo
*New Capsule Mirrors – Africa is the future(women)

Africa is the future Prêt-à-PoundoAfrica is the future Prêt-à-Poundo
*New Capsule Mirrors – Africa is the future(men)

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