GloRia WavaMunno is one FIERCE Designer from Kampala, Uganda. Her designs always have some sophistication and edgyness yet very fun and classy. I caught up with her to know more about her brand :

1: Who is GloRia WavaMunno?
Uhm GloRia WavaMunno is wide-eyed child seeing only beauty in her eyes and a sensitive soul questioning everything and nothing.
 2: What inspired you into being a fashion designer and at what point in your life was this?

I've been inspired to be a artist since the moment i discovered my own creativity and others, which was probably childhood, then i wanted to be a painter in my teens professionally i had felt from that discovery then it was in my late teens that i focused on the transferring of painting into sketching clothing and that creative process. Once that happened clothes felt like the current destiny and i went with it.

3: How will you describe your work as a fashion designer?
Haha i believe it is ever changing, evolving pieces of work. My clothes are a honest progression of my mind, which is a changing wheel and a learning wheel. They will grow and develop with more time as studying my craft and experiencing new forms of producing clothes and discovering new textiles occurs.
 4: How will you describe your style?
Hmm my style is the same as my brand, forms with my development as a person, i would say experimental and playful, depending the moment. 

 5: What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer?
Being a artist, having been able to embrace that big part of me, putting all the voices and thoughts I've had since i was born in my head into something visually, physically. And it then makes sense.   
6: Which part of the designing process do you consider most difficult and why?
The production is a challenge, only due to the fact i have a small production unit. This can sometimes make it difficult to get pieces/orders made to a certain timed schedule. So working on growing and improving that department.

7: What inspires those lovely designs of yours?
That's nice to say, thanks. Uhm well life, emotions, my eyes, all i come in contact with inspires my work, i am affected by what i see which i believe one must be in tune with your surroundings as you are creating to connect and have your surroundings connect with each other. I'm making clothes for people to keep living whatever life they are living. Its observation.  
8: When and how was GloRia WavaMunno Clothing Label born?
 I started this label in beginning 2009, I had returned home after working for Ozwald Boateng a bespoke menswear designer based in London. I mean I always believed i would have my own label once i decided fashion as a career, it just was a matter on when i was ready and it felt possible to make that jump.

9: Tell us more about GloRia WavaMunno Label?
 Well i not sure what else to say, I want people to make their own minds and thoughts on what they think my label is about. I just hope the pieces people collect, I use the would 'collect' as I want my work to be like or felt as pieces of art one collects. You appreciate the quality in the work and you wear it to your own story. 
10: Where do you see GloRia WavaMunno Clothing Label in the next 5 years?
 I'm not a great person on foreseeing journeys, i prefer not to do it, then your blind to what's to come, more exciting. But of course i hope for development and growth, and just really tapping into parts of my mind I'm scared of and with that creating some freaking amazing things.

11: How was your experience in Nairobi when you attended FAFA?
Nairobi was great, the artistry and the artistry structure there is beautiful, i visited this centre called Kuona Trust where artists can create their work in studio space and saw a private exhibition at the Belgian ambassadors house full of Kenyan artists. The art vibe in Kenya is...amazing. And the experience i had at FAFA was so hospitable and togetherness if that is a word, and makes sense. That's what this industry and in general the art industry is about connecting and togetherness. 
12: Any closing thoughts?
Thanks for the interest in my work, appreciate it. And best to your personal artistic expression. :)

Gloria Wavamunno
Artistic Director

Twitter: @GloRiaWavaMunno
Facebook: GloRiaWavaMunno

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