Shellina Ebrahim’s fourth collection


Shellina Ebrahim’s fourth collection was unveiled at Seacliff Hotel in Dar-es-salaam during Maridadi Fashion show to raise awareness about sexual abuse and rape of women in Tanzania. The collection was received with an superb response from the audience and the media alike and it is called Shellina Resort 2013 collection.
What inspired her Resort collection, she says it was inspired by mainly two things. First, her travels in different exotic vacation destinations in Tanzania inspired her to create a luxurious collection that is comfortable and suitable for many different body types.
Her second inspiration came from her first home Tanzania where she was born and raised. Tanzania being a union of the mainland and the islands inspired the colours of Shellina’s resort collection with orange colours representing the mainland and blue tones representing the islands.
This was also the first time Shellina Ebrahim premiered a gentlemen’s wear.
To place your order emial, 0689 335878
Twitter: @ShellinaBrand @Shellinae
Facebook: ShellinaEbrahim.Designer

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