1: To introduce yourself what are your full names

Sunny Dolat

2: Where is your ethnicity
3: Where are you situated at now
Lol, I'm Kenyan... pretty much

3: When did you enter into the world of Fashion?
When I was about 14 or 15, there about

4: What's your favorite thing about Fashion and Style
Wow... where do I even start... Fashion is fascinating, it's ART! I know it's been
said over and over but it really is art, especially if you look at couture or even
some of the prêt-à-porter collections, there's such great attention to silhouette,
drape, colour & texture. Style gives us the opportunity to be as expressive as
we want to allow ourselves to be, very similar to poetry or painting
5: What do you regard as the most important asset in your work

6: What is your bitter loving moment
Not sure actually... O_o

7: What can't you live without and why
OMG! Cake! Can you imagine how sad we'd all be if there was no cake in the

8: What Inspired you to start CHICO LECO as a brand?
Chico Leco is actually a morph of our former project Stingo

9: Why did you choose the name CHICO LECO for your brand?
Hmmm... wow, it was long hours of no sleep and lots of coffee alas CHICO
LECO! The name has a certain elegance and sophistication to it, minus the
whole wrong shoe business!
10: Who do you work with to make your work a success
Lots of people! Models, suppliers, Tuskys for their brilliant muffins, But the
crucial team is Jim Chuchu, make up genius Kangai Mwiti, producer a la
extrodinnaire Lucille Kahara

11: How would you describe your personal style?
(laughs) well my style has changed sooo much in the last cupel of years and I
think it'll keep changing, as of now I'm into the more dapper, tailored look.
Kinda Ryan Gosling meets Tom Ford

12: What should we expect from CHICO LECO in future?
You'll have to wait and see :)

13: How can people reach you if they are interested in your work?

14: In terms of the designers we have, do you think they are on the right path or not? And why?
I think our local designers are doing a fantastic job! I mean if you look at some
of the collections we've seen this year from the likes of Adele Dejak, Katungulu
Mwendwa, Black Bird, John Kaveke, Jamil Walji, all these guys are absolutely
brilliant! And the world has taken notice
15: What should we expect from you in future?
Who knows :)

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