1: To introduce yourself what are your full names
Paledi Segapo, born in Soweto, creative professional of the year 2012 (iKusasa Awards).
2: Where is your ethnicity
SA with 11 official languages, my father is Tswana speaking, and mom Zulu. But that makes me Tswana yeah.
3: Where are you situated at now
4: When did you enter into the world of Fashion and Creative directing?
Since 2007, then I co-owned a fashion label but I later established PALSE a three tier business with Business and Image Consultancy services.

5: What's your favorite thing about Fashion,Styling and Creative directing?
The three are encapsulated and are. I see them as a whole, when something is not in harmony or looks out of place, its like a missing piece of the game. I love fashion because it is dangerous, intimidating and has a way of making people feel very nervous. And it can’t be ignored.
6: What do you regard as the most important asset in your work
Khumo, my primary asset. Without her, my life is segmented and dispursed.
7: What is your bitter loving moment
Each day brings us a brand new chance, no need wishing for yesterday u nolonger have. But the Kokoi I shud have bought when I was with Ally (Tanzanian designer) in Kenya at the Masai market.*red face

8: What can't you live without and why
My bible, smartphone and coffee (they are me that forms the me).
9: What Inspired you to start PALSE Homme ?
PH is my 3rdbusiness unit, and in business you have got to charge ahead and a great business man knows when to diversify. Moreover, I’m very passionate about tailoring, cos it requires precise, discipline and of course an eye for minimalism.
10: Why did you choose the name PALSE Homme
Prefix letter from my name and surname (together pronounced PULSE) homme being man in French. Clever isn’t?
11: In regards to your work what do you specify on to give your work that african touch yet keeping it stylish and Sophisticated at the same time?
I always say ethnic or not, mens clothes are about that subtle hidden beauty, its there conspicuous looking yet its not there. You make sense out of it.

12: Who do you work with to make your work a success
I strategise, see in my fashion house I’m called the emperor, I make rules in the empire I’m building. My tailors are my soldiers.

13: Saw you are Mr South Africa Stylist, how would you describe that?
This is still fairly knew. I’ve worked with Miss SA office from 2009 until last year. And have been in Abu Dhabi with Miss World girls.Last year was a personal styilist to former Miss SA Bokang Montjane, assisting her with her wardrobe.
14: Who have you worked with over the past years
Proverb (Idols co-producer, face of PALSE), musician AKA, soapie stars, the list is endless.

15: What should we expect from PALSE Homme in future?
I’m working on a collection for the London Olympics, then when I get back it will be nearing fashion week in SA and I’ll be working on my Winter 2013 collection.
16: How can people reach you if they are interested in your work?
Twitter: @PALSEHomme +2772 227 5048

17: You were recently in Nairobi for the Trendz Kenya Fashion Festivals at The Tribe, What was your take on that?
Nairobi, the experience was sublime, beyond belief. I’m in love with the Masai fabric. I’ve bought a few *smiles proudly

18: Apart from fashion what other creative stuff are you into
Im a writer, I’m a creative and what people don’t know also is I’ve trained as an IT professional. I hold a Master of Business Leadership qualification
19: If you had one super power what would it be and why
Imprison nasty fashion offenders

20: If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why
Why change what is suppose to be?
21: How would you describe your style from head to toe?
Minimalist, im into modern classics.

22: What's your take on African Fashion in the World market now
Africa continues to give international runways and designers the sweetest gift ever, ie inspiration.
23: What should we expect from you in future
I don’t have a crystal ball to determine the future. You guess is as good as mine.

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