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UK-based clothing line True Tarpan has announced the launch of their new t-shirt collection. With the primary goal to create quality clothing that expresses and celebrates human individuality, potential and capacity, True Tarpan’s new collection will have you looking crisp and fresh for this spring/summer.
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Although in a competitive market, True Tarpan intends to appeal to the continuously growing demand for originality and creativity through their tshirts which is a universal piece of clothing. According to Ronke at True Tarpan “you’ll be treated to designs that will present an interesting blend of cultures and designs that will cut across global interest”.
True Tarpan’s online store will feature designed and branded T-shirts, polo shirts, jersey dresses and accessories. Customers will be able to purchase unique and limited edition True Tarpan products which will be delivered to the customers’ chosen address in UK and other countries in Western Europe.

“Many people want to wear clothing that speaks of personality and creativity, clothing that expresses the wearer’s individuality while also offering comfort and fit. Our teeshirts and polo shirts do exactly this, we provide refreshing casual wears for people who are looking for something special and varied”.

The online store offers a special 10% launch discount to customers who like their facebook page ( and free postage within mainland UK to customers who spend over £60. Customers are also encouraged to send in pictures of themselves in True Tarpan tshirts to win gifts and free tshirts. Visitors to the website can select across designs, fit and colours. All True Tarpan tshirts are unisex and produced to high quality and design standards.

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