Exclusive Images From Wusuwaah’s Diary Spring/Summer 2012 Collection


I got this Exlusive Wusuwaah's Spring/Summer collection 2012 collection from Zen magazine( @zenmagafrica) on Twitter and I loved what I saw.

The Wusuwaah’s Diary fashion brand started when Ghanaian/Belgium founder and fashion designer Constance Ama O’wusuwaah decided that after her internship training with Pierre Antonio Vettorello, she needed to branch out and make something unique for the everyday woman. At Pierre Antonio Vettorello fashion house, she learnt a lot from the styling and fashion designing team, and gained the needed exposure, expertise and confidence to start her own brand. The designs from Wusuwaah’s Diary Spring/Summer 2012 collection were born on a sunny walking day through the African market (to be specific ‘Makola market Accra‘). The idea was to recycle all that’s seen around so there will be less rubbish made. She got the inspiration from the daily Ghanaian selling (business) women’s life. To keep it African, she kept the idea of the African prints, added the culture that she was raised with, telling her roots play’s a huge role in her life with the accessories she used including the appearances of her models, but with a balance of the western ways.

For more information visit Zen magazine: http://zenmagazineafrica.com/fashion/exclusive-images-wusuwaahs-diary-springsummer-2012-collection/

Wusuwaah’s Diary is based in Belgium with branches in London and Ghana.
Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wusuwaah
Join their Facebook Community: http://www.facebook.com/Wusuaah

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