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I had heard about this new African based shoe brand who use the highest available grade of Ethiopian cow, sheep and goat leather. on my network ‘radar’ and so made it part of my heaving schedule to meet up with them and get to know the minds behind the company and the aims and design innovations of this upcoming footwear label.
So with a vision to “..change the perception of Africa and develop its manufacturing capacity through the production of high quality and well designed footwear while maintaining a commitment to social and environmental responsibility”, and with their London launch looming.

image courtesy of ENZI Footwear

From Enzi : "We LOVE our logo! It is inspired by a full stop in Amharic, a language that dates back to biblical times and is also the national language of Ethiopia. The same way a period comes at the end of a complete thought or sentence, our logo is the mark of a complete creative process. It’s our mark of quality and completion. We love the logo not only because we think it looks cool, but it’s inspired by the deep and rich history of Africa."

They have a deep admiration for his transformative leadership that they can draw inspiration from in creating an African brand.  They want to build a transformative brand that has a global reach.

image courtesy of ENZI Footwear – Enzi Grey

image courtesy of ENZI Footwear – Enzi Brown

image courtesy of ENZI Footwear – Enzi Black
And there you go readers. Welcome to the world of Enzi Footwear. Do watch this space for updates on the brand and above all do follow them
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