AMARACHI: Street Style meets African fashion Jewellery Line


Merging street style fashion with African cultural fashion, Amarachi is a fresh jewellery line with plenty of attitude.
Launched in 2011 by professional dancer Sonah Allie, her passions for being original and standing out from the crowd led her to making her own jewellery line. Creating a buzz with all who came across it, she soon started receiving requests from work, thus Amarachi was born.
Derived from the Nigerian Igbo language meaning ‘God’s grace’ Amarachi jewellery line is inspired by pop culture, African iconic signs and all things sweet. This combination is what makes the jewellery uniquely interesting and quirky.
Currently stocking earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and eye wear, all jewellery is either limited or custom to each inidividual, creating an exclusive theme.
Watch out for the soon to be launched Amarachi clothing line, until then check out the jewellery line below.

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