Duafe Denim S/S 2012


Duafe Denim has launched a new collection for spring/summer 2012. The concept of the label is portrayed through its name; “Duafe” which is an Adinkra symbol from Ghana that symbolises beauty. This represents how the jeans enhance the beauty of the natural female form.
Duafe Denim is a contemporary twist on African fashion as the collection fuses ntuma/ankara material with denim jeans. These jeans aren’t like standard jeans as they are made from a unique blend of denim knit and spandex that stretches horizontally and vertically flattering curvy shapes. This lightweight unique blend allows the jeans to perfectly contour all body types. Check out a few of our favourite pieces from the collection

For more info:
Online Shop: www.duafedenim.com
Contact: info@duafedenim.com, duafedenim@live.co.uk
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/duafedenimofficial
Twitter: @DuafeDenim
Youtube Channel: DuafeDenim
Also visit FAB Fashion for more on this: http://fabmagazineonline.com/?p=87553

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