I came across The Orange Culture Collection late last year for the Women pieces and early this year for the Men pieces by Adebayo Oke-lawal which consists of both the Men and Women designs. The colours and designs on this collections are just phenominal and they have rich african touch on them.  The clean cuts and vibrant material choice is just enough to make you fall in love with the pieces too. I caught up with The master mind behind this collection and here is what he had to say.

1: To introduce yourself what are your full names
My Name is Adebayo Oke-lawal

2: Where is your ethnicity
I'm yoruba, from oyo state,Nigeria

3: When did you enter into the world of Fashion and Designing
I've been in the world of fashion for about 4 years now , been designing since i was 10 , but been designing professional for about 2 years now.

4: What's your favorite thing about Designing
Creative freedom

5: What do you regard as the most important asset in your work
Youthful exuberance and colourful experiences to inspire

6: What is your bitter sweet moment
leaving onyx and pearl to start off orange culture, literally with nothing

7: What can't you live without and why
God (without Him id be nothing), family and on the lighter note, my contact lens, cause i'd be blind without them

8: What Inspired you to start your collection The Orange Culture
My label - Orange culture, i started because of my love for fashion as a means of self expression, its my own way of telling stories close to my heart.Someone once told me, the best career to have is the one you’ll be happy doing unpaid. Enough said

9: Why did you choose the name Orange Culture for your collection
wrote an article a couple of years back called the orange boy, about boys and girls judged unfairly based on their interests, people who were emasculated because they might have been interested in fashion or cooking or make up etc, and it caused a bit of a controversy, but for me it represented the backward state of mind that we still dwelled on locally. People called me orange boy after that, people could relate, so decided to start a label that represented people with colourful dispositions; people who didn’t really care what people said, people who wanted to follow their dreams against all odds, orange people. Lol

10: The Orange culture collection, what is it all about in both the Men collection and the women collection
Summer’s Quirk collection is for fun loving guys. Men full of life,
who know how to make use of the opportunities summer has to offer will
appreciate this collection.
Chiffon, cotton, ankara, corduroy, chinos and other such fabrics were
used in the Summer’s Quirk collection. If you’re a man with a colour
disposition you’ll love this collection and the ability it gives you
to rock pieces suited to different fashionable summer experiences.

- For the elusive strength collection fabrics include Vlisco, leather,
lace and chiffon. The collection is about a misunderstood type of
feminine strength, a strength empowered by a woman's sexuality. It
celebrates a woman who understands and owns her beauty and the power
that it possesses, thus why the pieces are sexy, strong, but still
very feminine

11: In regards to your collection which material do you specify on to give your collection that shimmering african touch
it varies, any material could really be used, i dont really like to limit myself.

12: Who do you work with to make your collection a success
Orange culture is were it is today because of my amazing business partner Dapo Ajayi, P.R. guy Oyakhire Russel, Op. Mger debo Ajayi, and our amazing assistants Jennifer and Tosin (Ebonee)

13: What would distinguish your brand from other brands out there in attracting the intended crowd
Im not really like anyone else, my label is very much like me, so because its my label, as long as i stay true to me , it should be fine.

14: What should we expect from The Orange Culture collection in the near future
Amazing things. lol

15: How can people purchase your designs
It would be available at a few online stores and stores here in lagos, mid year.

16: Apart from designing and fashion what other creative stuff are you into
 i write sometimes. blog. and write for a few magazines once in a while

17: If you had one super power what would it be and why
Teleportation! cause id be able to go to any country without a passport.

18: If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why
 id wish every one health cause its so sad seeing people so undeservingly sick

19: What's your take on African Fashion in the World market now
the african fashion industry is a great FOUNDATION for young designers. A place to grow and fine-tune your talent; its a good place to make mistakes before breaking out, it is rich in originality and culture, thus why designers everywhere reach out to africa for inspiration

20: What should we expect from you in future
WELL! I won’t give up anything but loads for us this year, finally stocking in stores, shows and more collections. so orange culture wil definitely not be silent this year

To follow Adebayo Oke-lawal on twitter: @TheOrangeNerd

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