SA Fashion Week 2012: [Day 4, Trio 2] Ephymol, Mantsho & House of Ole.



After Ozwald Boateng’s strokes of genius when it comes to designing high street yet quirky male attire, I must say Ole is trailing close behind on my favourites list. The male side of the collection definitely excelled over the ladies when it came to the tailoring, outfit pairings and techniques. The various shades of green were a revitalizing element of this collection, demonstrating that this does not have to be the last colour of choice when it comes to what’s hot. The subtle paisley print displayed on some of the male jackets, paired against the sharp cigarette trousers was another appealing element in this collection. Sharp tailoring and chiffon for the ladies along with some very cheeky bad boy briefs.

Plenty of drape throughout this collection with stretch fabrics and traditional prints making their way through. The integration of west and east in this collection is also evident, whether it be through full items or waist belts made from traditional wax. Some very cute ready to wear printed items - although a very safe collection overall with the colour palette drawing on a range of bright, eye catching hues.

House of Ole:
OLE! This label really takes fabric blocking to new height and I have fallen back in love with this trend. Although it has been overdone on many occasions, House of Ole sprinkles their own original salt onto this look making it work for the next man … and the next man in line. We noticed pinstripe and white cotton, denim and Chinese silk, shorts, jackets and trousers all sporting this blocking trend – proving this look can work with any item.
The way Ole has weighed the fragility of the kimono silk alongside the roughness of the denim jacket in this assemblage, is very crafty among many other features. Mono- fabric folds (as seen in the pastel yellow long sleeve shirt) created some interesting textures on the men’s shirts and the rolled trousers -championed by Mr Boateng, appear to be common trends throughout. Overall, this was a very smart and clean cut collection with an overarching fun and eclectic vibe.

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