SA Fashion Week 2012 [Day 4]: Introducing New Talent


One word: fresh! Each capsule collection from the designers regarded as ‘new talent’ couldn’t have been more aptly described. New and fresh and capturing the true essence of spring/sumer collections.
Lameez Claasen:

This collection was a combination of retro and contemporary styles. The specific era being the fifties. She described the colelction as being strongly influenced by ‘Sheer Optimism’. The collared pieces and pinafore style give a chic school girl feel to it though she uses soft feminine and sheer fabrics in cheery pastel and soft candy hues to accentuate the grown and womanly aspects of the collection. She wanted to portray a range that shows light-heartedness in troubled times and she did just that.

Claire McKenzie:
One of the ‘richer’ collections on display with burnt orange and blue accents on low waist cut dresses reminiscent of the twenties styling. The fabric and print selection add a certain fluidity to the collection, almost lightening its deep tones. This collection will be well suited for the waif-like framed woman.

Katherine Mortner:
Though black and white was the recurring palette for this collection, e can’t exactly describe it as monochromatic with the salmon and neon colours tossed it. A collection where the pieces come together in a stylish and chic manner. It’s a very pret-a-porter collection with a simple, casual care free touch to it, almost effortless.

Kelly Esterhuyse:
According to the SAFW 2012 site, the brief Kelly was given this season was to design a range that would ‘solve a problem’. Do we think it did just that? Yes I do! One of my favourite of the new talent collections, you can say designer Kelly infused her own style into the collection in a palette that had white as its base colour with both strong and soft colours playing with it. The styling of the collection is very aware, trendy and modern. I love the gold and torquoise accents embedded in the collection with the accessories.

OO ilu:
OO ilu is definitely a name we’ve heard before and we like what we see each time they grace the runway. This year’s spring/summer collection has neon green at the forefront of the collection’s palette and is also print-tastic. The ‘bohemian finesse’ of the brand is on display in all the pieces bringing everything together into one cohesive collection. I spy yet again torquoise accessorising, trend alert anyone?!

Ludwig Benzuidenhout:
There’s something very soothing about how the designer worked with hues of grey and yellow in this offering. The peplum cut never fails in capturing the beauty of a woman’s body, curves. Soft satiny fabrics and light silvery sheaths cascading down the models’ frames displays the aesthetic of the brand and the designer’s understanding of a woman’s body.

Samantha Constable:
For this Spring/Summer range, Samantha drew inspiration from the city of Johannesburg and its multicultural aesthetics. A feminine yet edgy range displayed in the use of leather in ultra modern cuts, which still manages to show vulnerability- the flesh tones and sheer and chiffon fabrics.

Tzvi and Ramon:
If you ever wanted to get a glimpse of the future, travel to space or have an out of this world experience, you’d look the part sporting any of the pieces in this collection. While it might cater to a tongue with a taste for the alternative and bold, I can’t deny the fierceness of the grey leather pants with exaggerated hips. The fabric of the mesh like pieces tones down the eccentric nature of the collection by giving it wearabilty with taking away its true flavour.

Massive  talent we got there from upcoming designers :) THUMBS UP!!

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