Lolu Shoes – African Designer Shoes



I have been seeing this shoes on the runways this year from Arise Magazine Fashion week to South Africa Fashion week. I took my time to get to know there heritage and this is what i came up with.

Tradition meets style, when it comes to the Lolu fashion and lifestyle brand.
Taking their inspiration from African and British fashion, the designers at Lolu create art that you can invest in.

Unafraid to tempt the everyday man to include colours such as yellows and purples to their wardrobe, the brand enables men and women to take their style to a new level.

We love the Red Buttons, whether in white, peach or blue. On a classic African style shirt, the Red Buttons provides a fine touch to a timeless shirt.
Using traditional techniques, the finest leathers, velvet, satin quilt with a leather sole, Lolu shoes are handmade and ooze sophistication.

If you’re of Nigerian heritage, you’ll love the shoes with the Nigerian coat of arms.
All products are handmade, as a result Lolu merchandise will set you back a couple 100, but it’s definitely worth it.
Custom made shoes are also available and take up to 2 weeks to make.

View and Buy here:

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