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I came across this cool label that showed during London Fashion Week most recently. And I thought as I aim to present more menswear to you to give you an update on what they are doing.
LAURENCEAIRLINE is a fashion label based out of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, the hometown of LAURENCEAIRLINE’s chief designer, Laurence Chauvin Buthaud. The concept that “fashion and ethnic cultures can successfully collaborate to create possibilities for the future” is the driving force behind this line and also provides a vehicle for creating job opportunities in Abidjan amidst the aftermath of the humanitarian and political crisis in the Ivory Coast.
The concept behind LAURENCEAIRLINE is based on how fashion and ethnic cultures can successfully collaborate to create possibilities for the future. For the SS 12 season LAURENCEAIRLINE launched its first menswear collection “ABIDJAN” focusing on shirts and underwear – see here.
LAURENCEAIRLINE’s AW12/13 collection has expanded this season into pants and scarves in order to fully furnish the dressing room of the freedom-loving modern dandy. LAURENCEAIRLINE appears to cleverly bring together contemporary basics silhouettes from a European style with a strong African connection.

They work with the skills of Ivory Coast craftsmen and women for their ‘African Atelier’ and it is through this that the brand aims to develop skills and employment, and above all to give back to a local community, to a country that has witnessed a struggle with violence and political unrest since 2002. The plan of action is in the near future to help in the construction of a learning space where young people will be given the chance to learn fashion skills like sewing and knitting.
Overall LAURENCEAIRLINE brings beauty and hope to a land that has been impacted by pain and despair and has thus earned our good seal of approval.
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IMPRESSIVE is the word to use for this collection!

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