Since 2010 we have been seeing Moses Mukiibi grace various Bill boards, tv commercials and runways around Nairobi and outside the boundaries of our country Kenya branding different lables from Swahili fashion week, Fashion Cafe to Samantha bridal fashion show just to name afew. Plus he has been doing this aside other gorgeous proffesional models who are really making a statement in each runway they grace and to make this even interesting is that they are all from STRUT IT AFRIKA which is a modelling agency which has earned its respect through their professionalism and discipline which is managed by Moses and his Co-workers. Moses being the CEO in the agency i caught up with him to know more about his work as a model and also the Managerial work in the agency.

1: To introduce yourself what are your full names.

ANS: My Official name is actually MOSES MUKIIBI, though a lot of people know me as RNAZE. So, I altered my name to Moses Rnaze Mukiibi
2: What is your Ethinicity.

ANS: Both of my parents are Ugandan. However, my Mum is mixed Indian. So, you could say I am a quarter Indian, thus the long locks I cut down early this year. 
3: How were you scouted as a model.

ANS: I was actually scouted in Uganda in 2005. But I never took modeling serious then, partly because the Ugandan market is very slow.
Then, in 2009, right after I was crowned Mr. USIU, agents were shoving contracts in my face at the event! I decided to try it once more and voila! 5 Bill boards later, 1 Tv Commercial and countless runway shows later, I regret nothing. 
4. What's your favourite thing about modeling.

ANS: The adrenaline just before I step on the runway. I never get used to it. I always get butterflies and so anxious. But as soon as I step out there, its like a drug. I want more and more.
5: What part of your body do you consider as your most valuable asset as regards to your work.

ANS: My arms. They were God-given for sure. Sometimes I get so busy and I don't have time for gym. But as soon as I hit the gym again, it takes my arms literally 3 days to become huge. Bliss.
6: What's your bitter sweet moment.

ANS: Not quite sure, yet.
7: What can't you live without and why.

ANS: Right now, that would have to be my girl, Kay Bochaberry. She is my world. She was there with me when we started Strut It Afrika. And she still has my back. Every man needs a balance. She is my better half.
8: When did you start your modelling company STRUT IT AFRIKA.

ANS: Well, its a tad bit of a long story to be honest.
We came up with the first idea in June 2010. I, Nick Munene and Malaika. The first idea was a fraternity. But we never embarked on making it work. It just hang there for a while.
Then, in Feb 2011, right after the Samantha Bridal show, we partnered up with Asyago Bryan Cox, who had a similar idea. He is the one who actually came up with the name "STRUT IT".
For the next 8 months, we worked together, did our first shoot named "Wild Glamor", and a number of other projects.
However, around October 2011, we had a meeting and decided to part ways. What was "STRUT IT", now became "STRUT IT AFRIKA". Now that's when the ball started rolling.

So, basically, what is known as Strut It Afrika right now was founded in November 2011.
9: What mayde you or inspired you to start it.

ANS: We wanted to make a change in this Industry. Mainly for the models.
There are so many things that are wrong with the way things work here, but it cannot be changed overnight as we have learned over the last few months. One must have a clear vision and good direction in order to make any lasting impact.

10: Why the name STRUT IT AFRIKA.

ANS: We chose Strut It Afrika because eventually, we are aiming at Africa as whole. We want to have a base and representatives in every region of Africa and to make an impact not just on the models of each region, but also the different Industries of each region and the people.
With our Charity projects, we want to impact positively on the poor and homeless who don't even know what models are.
11: What would distinguish STRUT IT AFRIKA to be a models choice from other agencies around.

ANS: Mainly four things;
1- We select only 30 models per year. We like to know our models individually on a personal basis so we know how best to market you.
2- We train our Models in terms of runway, photo shoots and conduct. We want highly professional models who will market our company and make us proud even after their contract is over, ie. Ajok Kuol who is currently in London now just after joining us.
3- I believe there is no agency in Kenya that can create a portfolio the way we do. Our shoots are very complex and detailed.
4- Lastly, but most importantly, if you ask any of the current models in Strut It Afrika, you will find that we are like a family. Actually, we are a Family. Anyone that joins us, just becomes one of us, for life!
12: In regards to your company what do you look for in a model (both male and female) when they come for auditions.

ANS: Our criteria changes every year based on demand. I cannot answer that question right now. But, when you look at a Strut It Afrika Model, you will know they belong to us. They are just different.
13: Who are your co-workers in your organization and why did you choose them?

- Malaika Nnyanzi
- Rishard Rashid
- Mwende Mbae
- Kay Bochaberry

I did not chose them. They proved themselves. They are good at what they do and I do not doubt that.
14: What should the world expect from STRUT IT AFRIKA in the future.

ANS: Quite a lot. You just have to grab some pop corn, a coke, kick back and watch!
15: Asides modelling what other creative stuff are you into.

ANS: Well, I am phasing out Modeling on my part and concentrating solely on the company.
I produce and choreograph shows now.
I am also a Director of photography. I direct shoots and come up with the concepts, as well as edit the photos. I work mainly with Malaika, Thomson Ncube and Ben Kiruthi when it comes to that.
16: If you had one super power what would it be and why.

ANS: Hmm. I would say Time Travel. So I can live the best moments of my life over and over again.

17: If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why.

ANS: I would take away money. It's the root of all evil.
18: What should we expect from Moses Rnaze Mukiibi in future.

ANS: President by 2030.
PS: Photos Courtesy of Moses Rnaze Mukiibi and Strut It Afrika

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