And we know cross live to coverage of the Global African Fashion trends for Twenty Twelve. Yes ladies and Gentlemen, I have gasped and cried, cheered and sighed…been whisked across time zones and into the world of ingenuity, imagination and at times - insensitivity to our eyes. Minimalism and extremes have walked hand-in- hand this year ,with designers taking new risks and others pertaining to the safer routes. I have sat and dissected the creative minds of African fashion bringing forth to you -yet again- the widespread trends jumping from one country to another on the back of Globalization.
As I always say, you may be your own trend-setter and not even feel the need to take mental notes. Although for everyone else out there who want to stay ahead of the erratic cycles, we hope this quick trail of trends will assist you in your fashion chase.
And here we go!
Blast from the past:
As seen in; Fabiani [JFW], Narin Samy [SAFW], William Okpo [NYFW]

Fixed on Floral:
As seen in; Duro Olowu [NYFW], Thula Sindi [JOBURG], Spero Villioti [JOBURG]
Rough n’ Rugged:
As seen in; Teflar [JFW], Clive Rundle [JOBURG], Roman Handt [SAFW]
Border lining Bust:
As seen in; Duaba Serma [ARISE], Gloria Wavamunno [ARISE] Viv La Resistance [ARISE]
A-symmetrical hemming:
As seen in; Teflar [JFW], JBL [ARISE], Maki Oh [ARISE]
Pleasant pastels:
As seen in; Amine Bendriouich [JFW], Thabani Mavundla [SAFW], Laameez Claasen [SAFW]
As seen in; William Okpo [NYFW], BCBG Max Azria [NYFW], Buki Akib [ARISE]
Check – mate:
As seen in; Palse Homme [SAFW], David Tlale [JFW], C-squared [JFW]-

Drop Waist:
A seen in; Herve Leger [NYFW], JBL [ARISE], Grey [ARISE]
Peplum perfect:
As seen in; Lanvin [PFW], Grapevine [JFW], Tsemaye Binitie [ARISE]
As seen in; Agi & Sam [LFW], Lanre Da Silva Ajayi [ARISE]
Peak a Boo:
As seen in; Avant [JFW], Jewel by Lisa [AMFW], -KLuk CGDT [JFW]

Structural Adjustment:
As seen in; Jose Hendo [LFW], Odio Minonet [ARISE], Avant [JFW]
Animal tendencies:
As seen in; Caroline Charles [LFW], Kluk CGDT [ARISE], Phunk Afrique [ARISE]
Fabric blocking:
As seen in; William Okpo [NYFW], Ayo Van Elmar [LFW], Petrouman [ARISE]
Lotsa’ Lustre:
As seen in; PPQ [LFW], Funlayo Deri [ARISE], Grey [ARISE]
As seen in; Okunoren Twins [AMFW] Herve Leger [NYFW], BCBG Max Azria [NYFW]
Whats your take on this trends?

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