Uzo Vn is a fashion couture brand, which follows no trends born from the strong connection of heritage between the designer ‘Vivienne Nwosu’ and her motherland Nigeria. Vivienne Nwosu is a graduate of ‘The University of Arts London’ (Formerly known as the London Institute). She obtained a degree in the discipline of ‘Fashion Design Technology’.

Though born in the UK she has regularly made visits to her families country of origin, through these interactions with Nigeria and learning more and more about her heritage, she began to feel a strong reciprocity to her ancestry.
As a homage to both her life in the UK and her tether to her heritage she wanted to produce fashion which could equally balance this and compliment each other as much as it does in her own life, a celebration of the two worlds which make her who she is.
Uzo Vn clothing is a trendy and fashion forward couture brand. The clothing is sold in very limited numbers and made to order. The clothing can often look very westernised but will always be carrying signs of the traditional Nigerian asho or lace fabrics, it can appear anywhere on or in the garment.
Uzo Vn garments incorporate the elements of tradition that you would find in everyday Nigerian wear which is tying, draping, wrapping and on the occasion the garments embody functionality much like historical tribes clothing.
Vivienne Nwosu has worked under various Industry professionals such as ‘David Weston’ fashion agents and Designers such as ‘Julia Clancy’. Vivienne Nwosu has been making made to measure clothing for years and is now looking to springboard her label ‘Uzo Vn’ to making the transition to producing collections that the avid fashion lover can purchase online.
The first official collection is a hand made spring/ summer warbrobe. It is a capsule collection which captures 10 outfits for spring/summer. So it has very bold and bright colour palettes and is designed for comfort and practicality using pockets throughout the collection and lightweight fabrics. The Collection entitled ‘get up and go’ was released Friday 3rd February 2012 and is set to release accessories as well.

Vivienne Nwosu

Contact: Vivienne Nwosu
Mobile: 07850937281

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