Scandinavian Style In Association With


Scandinavian Style In Association With

Scandinavian Style
Scandinavia is currently having a moment within men’s fashion. Whether it is the continued success of major brands like Acne on the high fashion scene, the ethos of Scandinavian style filtering into the sub-consciousness of men here in the UK or simply the quality of the clothing they produce, their stamp is all over the industry at present.
For those of you who don’t already know, Scandinavia refers to: “the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, characterised by their common ethno-cultural heritage and related languages.”
Personally, I have long been an admirer of the ethos of Scandinavian style. It can be described as effortless and minimalistic, with a focus on high quality and practicality.
Scandinavian Street Style
An integral part of the FashionBeans street style collective, Malmö Street Style consistently provides us with superb inspiration, photographing the stylish men from Sweden’s third largest city.
When viewing the images below, make sure you note how there is no branding on ANY item that the guys are wearing. You don’t need to prove your style credentials with designer labels when the outfit is doing it for you. Remember to mix textures, juxtapose cuts/shapes and use statement colours in order to really bring a look to life:
Swedish Men's Street Style
Scandinavian Clothing At Zalando
It is not just the men of Scandinavia who are making a name for themselves on fashion blogs worldwide, the clothing produced from the region is also some of the best on the market right now. High fashion brands like Acne and Filippa K sit alongside many other mid-priced brands you are probably aware of – such as Cheap Monday, Humor, Fjallraven, J. Lindeberg and Bjorn Borg – whilst the high street giant that is H&M was also founded in Sweden.
So what do all these brands have in common? Quality construction, minimal branding and a focus on superb cuts.
Today, in association with, we are going to showcase 3 lesser known Scandinavian labels to you. These 3 Danish brands might not yet have the same influence and popularity as some of the major Swedish brands listed above, but the underlying ethos remains the same.
Samsøe & Samsøe
“The identity of Samsoe & Samsoe is based upon unique and recognizable Scandinavian design. The look is built on ideas of freedom and simplicity. With raw details, denim as well as tailored details the collections are designed to match current trends and meet market demands. The ambition is to develop an attractive, market-oriented and international design based on Scandinavian design tradition. The current portfolio consists of clothes, shoes and accessories for both women and men.
Danish brand Samsoe & Samsoe utilise the classic Scandinavian concepts of clean lines, attention to detail and forward-thinking design. Samsoe & Samsoe design clothes that are relevant to current trends without slavishly following them.”
As you can see by the above, Samsoe & Samsoe represent every key ideal that FashionBeans adheres to. These are unpretentiously stylish designs that focus upon clean lines and attention to detail – helping you stand out in a subtle way. They design clothes that are relevant to current trends without slavishly following them. We have always encouraged readers to develop their own personal style; taking bits and pieces of current trends, giving them a personal spin and then seamlessly integrating them into your own looks.
It’s always great to find new brands which understand that having personal style is different to just wearing what is in fashion right now.
Samsøe ? Samsøe Lookbook: Spring/Summer 2012
Men's Samsoe Lookbook Spring/Summer 2012
Current Samsøe & Samsøe Clothing
  • Bo – Suit Jacket – BlueBo - Suit Jacket - Blue
  • Morocco – Jackets – YellowMorocco - Jackets - Yellow
  • Vinnie – Jacket – OliveVinnie - Jacket - Olive
  • Geldorf – Jumper – BlueGeldorf - Jumper - Blue
  • Heine – Jumper – BlueHeine - Jumper - Blue
  • Bentley – Jumper – BrownBentley - Jumper - Brown
  • Augustus – Shirt – BlueAugustus - Shirt - Blue
  • Gerard – Jumper – BeigeGerard - Jumper - Beige
  • Teachers – Brogues – OliveTeachers - Brogues - Olive
“Suit targeting the end-user who prefers an exclusive classical style combined with a modern young look.
Suit was created and profiled based on the best details from classic tailoring, with an international and stylish twist executed in exclusive and quality materials. Well-cut jackets, fashionable shirts and comfortable knits in simple, no-nonsense styles make SUIT the brand of choice for the modern male individualist.”
Suit have fast become one of my favourite labels. Their clothing oozes quality; whether it be through the seemingly made to measure slim fit or just the quality of materials used, these garments are truly special.
As noted above, the brand produces classic menswear pieces with a contemporary spin. This modernisation is provided through choice of colour, textures utilised, unusual cuts or simple attention to detail. Their range caters to every requirement of the modern male, enabling you to quickly and easily build a capsule wardrobe full of pieces that can be mixed and matched effortlessly, in order to create individual looks on a daily basis.
Again, there is no brash branding – something that a lot of US and UK brands could learn a thing or two from. It is unpretentious clothing that has a clear focus on cut and quality – just like the FashionBeans MAN.
Suit Lookbook: Spring/Summer 2012
Men's Suit Lookbook Spring/Summer 2012
Current Suit Clothing
  • Edmond – Coat – BeigeEdmond - Coat - Beige
  • Vancouver – Jacket – BlackVancouver - Jacket - Black
  • Esteban – Leather Jacket – BlackEsteban - Leather Jacket - Black
  • Anton – T-shirt – GreenAnton - T-shirt - Green
  • Bogart – Long Sleeve Top – WhiteBogart - Long Sleeve Top - White
  • Dillan – Shirt – BlueDillan - Shirt - Blue
  • Brian – Sweatshirt – BlueBrian - Sweatshirt - Blue
  • Saint – Cardigan – BeigeSaint - Cardigan - Beige
  • Ferry – Chinos – BlueFerry - Chinos - Blue
“The Danish clothing brand minimum was established in 1997 by Peder Tang, when he set up a small clothes shop in the centre of the town of Aarhus, Denmark. His apparel was an immediate hit and spurred him on to create the first minimum menswear collection, which was launched in 1999. Highly influenced by present trends, the minimum brand continue to be at the forefront of Scandinavian fashion.
We aim to give our customers high quality products, unique details and a feeling of having fun wearing them, yet affordable. Minimum is a lifestyle brand contributing to the basic wardrobe, as well as providing conspicuous items for special occasions.
Minimum collections are characterised by a interesting mixture of materials, shapes and colours creating a desirable collection for him and her.”
Minimum are a brand that seem to focus on a younger target audience. Much like Topman, they have their finger on the pulse and release many trend led pieces each and every season. The lookbook below confirms this, with the brand putting emphasis on tonal outfits, neck ties and blue garments – all key trends for SS12. Even though the range might be more trend-led than the other two brands we have showcased today, there is still an underlying focus on attention to detail and quality.
This is a youthful brand that can cater to males looking to build a wardrobe full of menswear essentials, or those looking for key trend/statement pieces that will individualise their look each season.
Minimum Lookbook: Spring/Summer 2012
Men's Minimum Lookbook Spring/Summer 2012
Current Minimum Clothing
  • Digby – Windbreaker – OliveDigby - Windbreaker - Olive
  • Gabe – Jacket – BlueGabe - Jacket - Blue
  • Edi – Suit Jacket – BlueEdi - Suit Jacket - Blue
  • Kerry – Chinos – OrangeKerry - Chinos - Orange
  • Elton – Chinos – RedElton - Chinos - Red
  • Frede – Shorts – OliveFrede - Shorts - Olive
  • Dustin – T-shirt – BlueDustin - T-shirt - Blue
  • Rudi – Jumper – WhiteRudi - Jumper - White
  • Harvey – Jumper – BlueHarvey - Jumper - Blue
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