JoBurg Fashion Autumn/Winter 2012


South Africa’s fashion week offerings are always a sight to behold and an awesome representation of the growth of African fashion. We have to admit that some of these designers do give other African designers a run for their money. Or rather, they set a standard for new and upcoming design talents to look up to.
With JoBurg Fashion Week behind us, we had to make its magic last a little longer. So we pulled out some potential trends from the selection of designers. From Gavin Rajah to Loin Cloth & Ashes we saw trends of white as a staple colour for our wardrobe; the sheer trend seems like it’s here to stay as it’s been replicated fashion week after fashion evolving to what we’ve aptly captioned ‘sheer halves’. We also spotted yummy trends like velvet and popsicle (yes, some of these trends look good enough to eat) and some bizzare taffeta layering! We’ve made the trend spotting easier for you with our round up from JFW! Enjoy!

Vote Velvet:

L-R {Thula Sindi, Danielle Margaux, C- Square}
BLUE bliss:
L-R {Thula Sindi, Loin Cloth and Ashes, Wild Fig}
Sheer halves:
L-R { Gavin Rjah, Avant, Angie Masike}
Time Machine:
L-R {Fabiani, Abigail Betz, David Tlale}
Furry friends:
L-R {Thula Sindi, Heni, Tamryn Van Der Merwe}
Forever Floral:
L-R {Jessica Anne Fell, Thula Sindi, Kyra Moon}
What in the weird:
L-R {Genna Wae-Webster, Angie Masike, K. Lawrence Tsotetsi}
Gypsy groove:
L-R {Thabani Mavundla, Tashkaya, Bianca Troost}
The divine Drape:
L-R {Loin Cloth & Ashes, Grapevine, Mosemawosa}
L-R {Spero Villiotti, Wild Fig, Karen Monk Klijnstra}
I pick Pastel:
L-R {Kathryn Kidger, Siyathemba Ngwenya,Thabani Mavundla}

Bollywood basics:
L-R { Thula Sindi, Abigail Betz, Gavin Rajah}

CHECK Mate! :
L-R { Siyathemba Ngwenya, C-Squared, Heni}
Lust for Lustre:
L-R {Thula Sindi, Wild Fig, Mosewamosa}
Pure at heart:
L-R{ Danielle Margaux, Mosewamosa, Gavin Rajah}

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