Following the demand by consumers to wear print clothing, qutefashion.com was established to fill a void which the brand believes exist in the print fashion industry. In 2010 Elizabeth was searching anxiously for an online store with ready to wear print clothing but was unable to find one. When she did find a selected few they were “too high-end” for her limited budget. Elizabeth along with Cavelle Batchelor decided that an affordable, accessible and renowned online store is needed to showcase print fashion at its finest.
Qutefashion.com captures the essence of youthfulness, excitement, femininity, uniqueness which enables customers to express themselves and stand out.
The company was founded by Elizabeth Batchelor and Cavelle Batchelor who are controlling Managing Directors. Elizabeth has a background in marketing and project management and Cavelle is a part qualified accountant. With in-house designers and a creative team, qutefashion.com brings together an array of talent and creativity that brings each unique design to life.
The label was launched in 2011 and was appropriately named ‘qutefashion’ which is often the word used, when browsing the collections. You are sure to find yourself saying ‘that’s so cute’ once or twice.
Qutefashion.com clothing is infused with stunning bold prints which have become a key element of the collections. The Directors describes their brand as “We’re Eclectic and Creative…” Currently comprising of two collections Model Styles & Rae qutefashion.com aims to become a reputable brand on the high street as well as online.
Inspired by the traditional prints from the West African fabric market. But understanding the target customer means sourcing quality printed fabric from other countries also to create exceptional designs. “Inspired by print” is the tagline used by qutefashion.com to describe the Inspiration behind the brand.
A rich colour palette works well with the various dress shapes – from the simple but classic shift through to the high glamour evening dress – creates a collection which is a rich array of styles, entirely individual and ultra wearable. qutefashion.com also offers an exclusive couture design service tailored to make you feel like a celebrity, have your very own design sketched and run through production.
“From the initial concept to where we are now, qutefashion.com has always been very exciting for us and a great achievement. We enjoy hearing our fans comments, and feel passionate about our business model and we are looking forward to a bright future for qutefashion.com…” Directors.


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