Thom Browne Doctor’s Bag


Thom Browne Doctor’s Bag

Thom Browne Doctor’s Bag
Have you ever been caught in a bag fix; when you reach a situation at which the bag is able to fit all your essentials, but looks seriously ugly? Or when the bag is a work of art, but you cannot fit anything you need in it? Many of us have been in such a situation, and it seems that not much can be done about it.
Although the market offers a limitless amount of bag options, not many can be used in every circumstance or situation – ranging from the daily commute to just hanging out at a bar with friends after work.
Well, not until this latest discovery.
The Thom Browne Doctor’s Bag combines aesthetics, functionality and durability with gracious ease. Made from black calf skin leather or grey nubuck leather and inner-lined with oxford cloth, it eludes an air of confidence and masculinity. Although minimalistic in style, the clean cut lines makes ‘simple’, very ‘sexy’.
A designer known for his structured and tailored business-casual clothing, this signature styling extends down to Thom Browne’s latest line of bags – which are simple yet dignified for everyday use.
For those who view security as essential when carrying your precious belongings, the Doctor’s Bag features a brass closure with lock and key to secure the main compartment. This fixture ensures that the bag’s contents are kept safe, whilst maintaining the general aesthetic of the bag’s silhouette.
The main compartment of the bag is large and built with practicality in mind, eliminating the need to worry about the lack of sufficient space for a laptop, iPad, kindle, wallet, business folders and whatever else that you have to carry on a daily basis.
Furthermore, with the beautiful oxford cloth lining in the bag, it prevents gadgets from being knocked about, scratched and damaged.

Thom Browne Doctor’s Bag:
Thom Browne Doctor’s Bag

I would kill for this bag..its really spacious and has that vintage look in it...really special.

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