The Brit Awards: Men’s Fashion


The Brit Awards: Men’s Fashion

The Good, The Bad & The Average
On Monday evening we saw the best of British music all come together like one big happy Von Trapp family to celebrate the vastly enjoyed, Brit Awards. Whilst most people’s attention will have been firmly fixated on the performances, the award winners and Adele, I, like the fashion-obsessed soul that I am, was only really bothered about one thing; what will everyone be wearing?
Needless to say, there were some huge hits on the red carpet, just as there were some near misses and some who missed the ball completely (*ahem* JLS).
Here’s my take on the menswear of the night…
The Average
James Corden Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet
Now, at a first glance I was pretty impressed with the host’s outfit. Smart, clean, the cut of the suit was good, the colours were coordinated… nice effort Mr. Corden. However, at a closer glance, was it really necessary for him to be wearing a tie bar, tie clip AND a lapel pin? Far too fussy.
Also, why weren’t his trousers hemmed at the right length? The less break, the longer your legs appear, it’s simple science. I know this might seem heavily critical and ever so slightly (okay, a lot) harsh, but for a pretty straightforward three-piece black suit, white shirt and tie combination, there’s really no excuse for such mistakes.
Ed Sheeran and Mr Hudson Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet
Finally! Ed Sheeran in a suit [above left]. This Burberry two-piece fits him like a glove (I’ll over-look the second button being buttoned up), he’s wearing the correct width tie and shirt collar is perfect. I’m just so disappointed that he didn’t go all out and don a pair of shoes though. Oh well, one step at a time ay, Ed?
I actually really like this outfit from Mr Hudson [above right]. The metallics were a brave step away from the norm and I think he’s successfully managed to pull them off to some extent.
But the sunglasses? At night? Whilst being interviewed by Keith Lemon? Remember where you are please, pal.
Key Pieces From ‘The Average’
  • Lanvin Mother-of-pearl Tie PinLanvin Mother-of-pearl Tie Pin
  • Turnbull & Asser Mother-of-pearl Collar StaysTurnbull & Asser Mother-of-pearl Collar Stays
  • Ted Baker Stodpin – Stone Tie PinTed Baker Stodpin - Stone Tie Pin
  • Austin Reed Plain Rectangle Tie ClipAustin Reed Plain Rectangle Tie Clip
  • Thomas Nash Grey Mini Tie ClipThomas Nash Grey Mini Tie Clip
  • Blue Striped Skimm Lapel Pin By DenisonbostonBlue Striped Skimm Lapel Pin By Denisonboston
  • Coiless Safety Pins-3/4 Gold-100/pkgCoiless Safety Pins-3/4 Gold-100/pkg
  • Topman Three Piece Best Navy Sherry Skinny SuitTopman Three Piece Best Navy Sherry Skinny Suit
  • Asos Slim Fit Suit In Blue HerringboneAsos Slim Fit Suit In Blue Herringbone
  • Selected Grey Oxford ShirtSelected Grey Oxford Shirt
  • Topman Grey Marl Waffle Cotton ShirtTopman Grey Marl Waffle Cotton Shirt
  • Ps Paul Smith Grey Fine Stripe Cotton Silk Fitted BlazerPs Paul Smith Grey Fine Stripe Cotton Silk Fitted Blazer
The Bad
Will.I.Am and Example Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet
Yes, I know it’s Will.I.Am [above left] and yes, I know he doesn’t exactly like to play by the “style rules”, but at the end of the day he is still a man – and any man who over-matches his accessories to this extent will always be left looking ever so slightly clown-like.
Example [above right]: This is what happens when (almost) rappers try to look like rappers, but instead end up looking like a certain movie characters from 1999.
JLS Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet
I don’t know where to start, I just don’t get it.
So, from left to right…
  • Doesn’t appear to be wearing anything under his leather jacket. Why?
  • Is he wearing a tie with a hoodie? Why?
  • Nice coat, but probably more suited to a skiing holiday than on a red carpet. Why?
  • Appears to have stolen this outfit out of the ‘One Direction’ wardrobe. *sigh*.
The Good
Olly Murrs Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet
Let’s ignore the ridiculous Essex tan for a second and applaud the fact that Olly Murs has actually managed to do a white blazer some justice here; not an easy look to rock. The sheer polka dot cravat is the perfect balance to the sharp lines of the tailoring and even injects a touch of elegance to his little orange face.
Ray Winstone Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet
Okay, so the bold pinstripe does make him look as though he could have very possibly just ‘whacked’ someone on his way to the venue, but this is Ray freaking Winstone for Christ’s sake!
Ray has done everything right for his frame here – except for maybe drawing attention to his stomach area with that pocket watch, but I’ll let that one slide, as I’d actually quite like to borrow it. Very sharp, Ray.
Professor Green Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet
If in doubt, wear Givenchy like a ‘Pro’ (get in!). I love the cut of the suit and the minimalistic nature of the look, it has a touch of ‘The Hurts’ about it. The pendant sets the whole outfit off nicely and adds a touch of character – rather than being ‘blingy’.
I do genuinely feel that Professor Green has huge potential as a future ‘style icon’; maybe this is the start of something wonderful?
Tinie Tempah Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet
What a surprise! GQ’s man of the year, Tinie Tempah looking every bit the part in a perfectly tailored ‘Rake’ tuxedo.
The neckline of his tee is a bit deep for my liking; a slightly higher cut scoop neck or a button down white shirt would have done the tux a lot more justice. All-in-all though, love it.
Labrinth  Brit Awards 2012 Red Carpet
Labrinth has ticked every box for me here. Want to wear statement shoes? Keep the rest slightly understated but on trend and maintaining that level of red carpet sophistication.
Pat on the back to that man right there… or to his stylist at least.
Key Pieces From ‘The Good’
  • Nicole Farhi Khaki Bonded Cotton Knit BlazerNicole Farhi Khaki Bonded Cotton Knit Blazer
  • Cream Tuxedo Jacket PhoenixCream Tuxedo Jacket Phoenix
  • Topman Black 5 Button WaistcoatTopman Black 5 Button Waistcoat
  • Drakes Reversible Dotted Silk ScarfDrakes Reversible Dotted Silk Scarf
  • Reiss Harp Geo Print Scarf NavyReiss Harp Geo Print Scarf Navy
  • Royal London Pocket Slim Pocket WatchRoyal London Pocket Slim Pocket Watch
  • Dalvey Half Hunter Stainless Steel Mechanical Pocket WatchDalvey Half Hunter Stainless Steel Mechanical Pocket Watch
  • Seven London Shadow Trinity PendantSeven London Shadow Trinity Pendant
  • Topman Black Micro Shawl Suit JacketTopman Black Micro Shawl Suit Jacket
  • Burberry Prorsum Tailored Tuxedo Suit JacketBurberry Prorsum Tailored Tuxedo Suit Jacket
  • Reiss Luka Textured Check Scarf NavyReiss Luka Textured Check Scarf Navy
  • American Apparel Oxford Welt Pocket PantAmerican Apparel Oxford Welt Pocket Pant
  • Loro Piana Straight-leg Cotton And Linen-blend TrousersLoro Piana Straight-leg Cotton And Linen-blend Trousers
  • Alexander Mcqueen Suede Tassel LoafersAlexander Mcqueen Suede Tassel Loafers
  • American Apparel Chartereg Charter EyeglassAmerican Apparel Chartereg Charter Eyeglass
  • Black Narrow Brim New Yorker Trilby Christys HatsBlack Narrow Brim New Yorker Trilby Christys Hats
  • T+f Slack Two-tone Brogue ShoesT+f Slack Two-tone Brogue Shoes
  • Mr. Hare Jerry Lee Contrast-panel Leather BroguesMr. Hare Jerry Lee Contrast-panel Leather Brogues
So there you have it, my personal hits and misses of the night. But how boring would life be if we all agreed, hey? We want to know YOUR personal favorites and flops, and why…

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