Paris mens fashion week Fall 2012


Paris Men’s Fashion week delivered to us all sorts of exciting new male models with great bone structure and sultry stares. And of course the fashion, amazing works of art from designers all across the globe. Right now however, I’m only concerned with the trends in which I noticed when going over some of the highlights of the week, and of course it had to be trends from two of our very own; Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent. Variety in mens fashion is at an all time high right now, with the rise of risque ensembles, often with an almost feminine trace. Strong silhouettes, fabric layering and montone - with a splash of Autumn hues, were very predominate with the trends in this round. And yes if you didn’t notice the strong dose of leather making its way down the runway particularly in Yves Saint Laurent, then you must of been at the wrong fashion show. Here are some of my favourite trends from two African masters of the art Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent.
So for all the males, time to take note. Otherwise all the females- take note for your brother, lover, father or friend.

All tucked in:
Lots a’ Layers:
The Man Bag:
Double Breasted:

Mono e’ Mono:
Heavy Duty collar:
Tough Tailoring:
Invest in a Vest:
Looks like Leather!:
It seems this Season this are going all Bolder and brighter from the sweaters,coats and trousers.

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