Men's Camel Jackets & Coats Lookbook

The camel overcoat is an iconic piece within men’s fashion. It has stood the test of time and is a real statement piece of outerwear for any refined gentleman. The rich colour and texture oozes class and sophistication, with more than a hint of luxury thrown in for good measure. I defy you to find a picture of a guy wearing a camel overcoat that doesn’t look elegant, smart and refined – especially when paired with a suit.
The camel overcoat for 2011/2012 has been revamped and given a contemporary makeover. The lines are cleaner, the fit is skinnier and sharper, and a lot of the weight has been removed from the construction – all these features combining to make them a much more versatile piece to own.
Of course, the camel overcoat will always look its best when combined with a suit or tailoring. It shows much more confidence, creativity and personality than your typical black/grey wool overcoats, whilst remaining just as timeless. Your traditional neutral suit colours (grey, black, navy and brown) will all contrast beautifully against the camel backdrop, meaning that it can be integrated into your professional wardrobe immediately with very little thought.
in 2012 you do not have to be shackled to a smart or formal look. The camel overcoat can be worn with everything from jeans and t-shirts, to casual wool trousers and polos. In fact, the clashing of styles between a traditionally formal piece and a casual outfit can make you stand out for all the right reasons.

How To Style
As you can see in the lookbook, the camel overcoat is much more versatile than you initially think. Keeping the fit slim and sharp is imperative, and will allow you to utilise it with more fashion forward items such as slim/skinny jeans and even bold coloured chinos. My favourite look above is the Riveira Chic outfit, which pairs the overcoat with white jeans and a simple t-shirt. Although I would probably be a little more considered with the footwear choice, it goes to show that the look can be adapted to youthful and modern.
Notice how camel seems to make every item you pair with it ‘pop’. Colours seem bolder and richer, whilst monochromes come alive and really play off the neutral tone. This means you can literally pair it with everything in your current wardrobe – even other beige/cream tones if you make sure you alter the hue slightly to provide the contrast.
Of course, the camel overcoat lends itself very well to smart-casual looks. It is naturally a refined piece, so smart-casual footwear such as brogues, suede shoes and relaxed loafers will all look superb and help compliment the slightly more refined undertones. For those looking to inject some life into the look, bold coloured socks, patterned tops and your trademark accessories will all help casual down the look slightly and give you that personality and individuality you desire.
The Camel Jacket
For those of you that cannot shake off the formal connotations associated with the camel overcoat, there are still options for you. A wide range of camel jackets are now available from a multitude of brands and designers – from premium fashion houses to the high street. Everything from duffle coats and blazers to dyed denim jackets and trench coats are available, so you are sure to find one that suits your personal style and current wardrobe.
Of course, the camel colour will still integrate seamlessly within your existing wardrobe, whilst offering the same benefits that the overcoat provides – namely versatility and the ability to bring your other items to life.
Asos Coloured Denim Jacket

French Connection Kicksies Canvas Jacket

Carhartt Squire Coat

Diesel Jiccon Trench Coat

J.crew Holborn Trench Coat

Br Monogram Camel Blazer

Ralph Lauren Black Label Anthony Wool Sport Coat

Peter Werth 4 Pocket Military Jacket

Gloverall Made In England Melton Wool Rope Toggle Duffle Coat

The camel overcoat is an iconic piece of menswear that is now more wearable than ever. It will take both formal and casual looks to the next level, whilst providing that key individuality and separation from the crowd that most men desire. In a day and age when everybody is looking for an edge, the camel overcoat may just provide that for all the professionals out there. Easy to integrate within your current wardrobe, it makes other colours and neutrals come alive and provides the perfect backdrop for all your existing outfit combinations.
There are also plenty of alternatives out there for the younger or edgy types who love the camel colour but want something a bit more contemporary or modern. Whether you are looking for a new trench coat, quilted jacket or blazer to upgrade your smart-casual looks, they are all available today and provide much of the same versatility that the overcoat does.

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