Wine is the New Black


When a fashion brand makes a piece in several colors, there are a handful of standards that tend to get made. These include neutrals like black, white, and grey as well as classic colors like red and yellow. For 2011, however, a deep burgundy color is showing up among the standards.
The hue, which some might also call maroon, is definitely not a perennial favorite. In fact, it seems to go through long periods of ostracizing by fashion-conscious dressers. Benjamin Moore calls it “Vintage Wine” and it’s receiving sweeping favor in interiors and design circles as well. In fashion it’s been a couple decades since this color was really hot and the time lapse has made it look fresh and modern from the runway to the rack to the sidewalk.
Wine shades are showing up on the covers of 2011′s first fashion magazine issues – in small details like makeup, typsetting, and people get in trend with colour

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