Men’s Spring Summer 2011 fashion trend


Return of the ’80s, slender lines for clothing, so blue and also the great return of the hat. Here’s how to dress a man of class for the summer 2011

One word: Revival. The men’s fashion for Spring Summer 2011 fees and resumed making the past dictates the present and apparel, and accessories, is in the details of the trend.
Modern man and discovers a wardrobe of stylish 80s inspired but with a flexible style in which the silhouette is adapting to a skinny look so versatile alternative to other more fluid, always soft on pants, as in Zegna collection. Not forgotten are the blue blazer, new double-breasted jackets, shirts guru to make it special maybe putting a scarf around her neck and a thin leather string belt.
For men too, summer is delighted with the color. Surely the navy is an absolute must, but all shades of beige, sand, brown, up to the hottest brick and affixed to the side of the range the pure white color, also in total look.
Even the accessories are -inspired: for the sunglasses are an attractive line aviator 70s or a more restrained British style by Burberry and clean design, the hat is the classic model of panama straw as was customary in the ’50s, but uniquely made by the shape, texture and color by the combination of trendy bands and finally the bag also cosmopolitan flavor with briefcases, purses and shoulder fashion reading materials and forms.
A fresh and dynamic wardrobe, but it never forgets even the precious details and particulars. The true modern gentleman, he can make a valuable shirt with a pair of cufflinks stylish design, the right to tie knot with elegant grounds declined in the new shades and a hyper-technical watch on your wrist like those latest presented at
Men's Spring Summer 2011 fashion trend
Men’s Spring Summer 2011 fashion trend – (06)

Men’s Spring Summer 2011 fashion trend – (05)

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