Turtlenecks are sweaters with a high, tubular collar. They usually have a long neckline, which is rolled over once for a better fit. Since the neck is covered from the top to the collarbone, turtlenecks are usually worn to keep your neck warm in colder climates.

Some turtlenecks are also made with a simple layer (doesn't need to be folded; it's a turtleneck on its own) for a more original and trendy look.

Turtlenecks are appropriate for both casual and formal events. When worn under a classy business suit jacket, a proper turtleneck can replace the conventional shirt and tie. I wouldn't recommend wearing a turtleneck to very important business meetings, but on an average day they can definitely upgrade your look. You can even remove your blazer after work and presto, you're ready for an evening cocktail or dinner date.

They can also be combined with jeans and sportier trousers. Wear them under a leather jacket with a nice pair of chinos and you'll look great for a night on the town. As you can see, turtlenecks essentially go with any article of clothing. Just remember to keep your color combinations simple if you want to avoid major fashion disasters.

Turtlenecks for men should always be long-sleeved, unless of course, you're on tour or traveling. They are mainly made of cotton, wool, and mixed blends of synthetic and natural fibers to add a stretch factor and improve the fit of your sweater.

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