Although many men don’t feel as if they have enough confidence to bear a thong alone, let alone in public through parties and the beach, there are some men that feel this would be quite entertaining and therefore the Borat Mankini thong has made a comeback when it comes to men that are searching for the popular style.

Where can you find the official Borat Mankini thong? The internet is a great place to shop for these specialty items of clothing, which have not become quite popular through the Borat movie. There are many gift shops on the internet where you are able to find the design, but you can also find a variety of designs, in many colors, that have been inspired by the Borat thong, through auction sites. Through these websites, you can find a great deal on the Mankini and there is often the best selection of suits that are available to choose from.Let’s face it, we all have someone in our life that would appreciate the humor in this gift...So men try them out and get to see how it feels...

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