I know that I am not the most adventurers person but I do try my best when am traveling to know about the place and what it has to offer. Last week I was in London with the heartmate ❤ and it was an amazing experience. I enjoyed walking around and doing different things plus the sun was out shinning to its best level.

I have never been to Camden before so this was quite a thrill for me to say the least. Camden Market is out of this world. You will find anything and everything. From lush food, fashion to vinyl's. Its has a hip atmosphere and definitely lots to do. After having breakfast at a cute café we spent most of the day going around stalls experiencing the full Camden vibe. If your visiting Camden come ready with your wallet and lots of energy because you will need it 😊.

Been to London before? What other places can you recommend. Let me know!

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Thank you for stopping by👋

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