First of all let me say Happy 2018 to you all🎉. Last year was an amazing year but I am hoping that this year will be even better. Do you have any resolutions that you have set for yourself? Well shockingly this year I said I won't set any resolutions for myself. Why you ask.... This is because I want to attain the goals I wasn't able to attain last year. The one thing I hate about new year resolution hype is that we all rush to set new goals while the previous ones we set the year before weren't even attained. I told myself that I will go according to my pace this time around and focus of things that will make me better than the individual I was last year.

What other things do I want to try more and different  this year?.....
  1. I want to be more creative with my posts on here and on my social media platforms. I want you all to be able to continue walking with me in this journey of fashion and lifestyle.
  2. I want to try new adventures. I can say I am pretty adventures but to a certain level. I tend to refrain to things which make me feel uncomfortable but this year I want to dip my toes into them a little bit and see how that goes. 
  3. Doing more YouTube videos. I know by now you have all heard this a million times from all creative people you follow but I want to learn the tricks and ropes around it. I have a fear of sharing too much of myself on the online scene and this is why I haven't immersed myself into YouTube yet. Finding the right balance is what I need to get and I will soon be sharing videos with you guy. Any suggestions of videos you would like to see?
  4. Over the course of last year I kind of lost touch of myself. A lot was going on and I was hanging on to the best of my ability. This year I want to self love myself more and stop second guessing myself. I am human and I deal with stuff too sometime. Self love is important for self growth.
I am hoping that this year will be good to me and to you all. I am learning to let by gones be by gones and channel my energy to improvement and self development.

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Thank you for stopping by!😊

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